CJ's new room


So the Nana's have been wanting to see CJ's room and I finally have it done!

I wanted CJ to have a fun, colorful room.  I tend to err on the side of boring and I tried to break out of my shell this time.  I love polka dots but I was afraid they might be too girly.  Big CJ stepped in and said, "Hey listen, he's 3.  If you want polka dots, do polka dots, just be sure they aren't pink."  Words of wisdom.

I fell in love with the whimsical-ness of these fabrics and I loved the stripes and polka dots together.

I wanted prints that we could change themes easily...  I'd seen an adorable quilt at PotteryBarn that had race-cars on it, but I decided that perhaps we'd be better off with the bedding being a non-theme print, meaning when he decides he likes something other than trucks and cars we can just change out the throw pillows.  The walls are a really subtle blue, Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (my kitchen is also this color) and they actually photograph a tad lighter than they are.  I made the duvet and used a full sheet from Target for the underside to cut my cost a bit (the polka dot fabric was a little pricey).  I made the curtains out of inexpensive brown fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, just a simple square with red ribbon trim.

The print below is from B at Mod Memento; it's probably my favorite thing in the room.  I love it so much because I feel like the words really capture CJ at this precious time in his life..  I covered the matte in some linen that I had left over from a different project (another tip I got from B's blog:) CJ's name is almost the exact color of the walls. Love it!

The print above is from Pretty Smitten.  I loved it because my Nana used to sing that song to me and I've sung it to my sweet little guys a million times.

I used his old lamp, spray painted the stem brown, and covered the lampshade in leftover fabric.  I also made the initial plaques above his bed.  I painted the wooden plaques brown, then taped and painted stripes on the letters, and hot glued them on.

Well there you have it! Not earth-shattering I know, but a room that my little guy seems to be having fun with.  Oops, I almost forgot-- I painted his bookcase red for some pizazz and also made a hanger with supplies from Michaels:)

Happy Wednesday;)

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  1. It looks so fantastic! I love it! I'm so glad you got one of Bri's prints! They are so perfect!!! And I'm loving the You are my sunshine print too! My Nana always sang that too! Its a very special song to me!

  2. Courtney, I love it! Christian will have fun having a BIG boy room. You sure keep busy over there while I sit across the street trying to be more productive.

  3. Okay so you know Alli too??!!! She's a friend of mine from when we lived in Charlotte! I love this connection we've all made. :)

    The room looks AMAZING and I absolutely love what you did with the print!! I love that you chose such a large frame and linen matte. It really makes a nice big statement in the room.

    I also love that you stuck with a decor scheme that he can grow with instead of a little boy theme. I did the same thing with my daughter's room (still very much a work in process, but I chose bedding that was not specific to a little girl per se).

    The polka dots and colors are just perfect!

    Gonna post this link on my facebook page if you don't mind? And I will also link back to this post next month when I do my "list of bloggers".


    ~Bri~ :)

  4. How did I miss this post??? What an adorable little boys room!!! I'm loving every detail....

  5. This room is adorable!! You did a great job!

    Stopping by from Debbiedoos!

  6. Hi, Courtney! I'm also at Debbie Doo's Newbie Party, and I wanted to tell you that your son's room is ADORABLE!! The polka dots immediately caught my eye. Loving everything you did to his room, especially the dictionary page wall art. How clever! It's so nice to meet you. I'm going to be your latest follower!!

    Farica @Southern Charm

  7. What a great looking kids room. I love it and I love that he can grow into it. Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  8. Love the Mod Memento print! Nice job on Christian's room, too. :)

  9. You did a great job on your son's room! I found you through Debbie's party & am now your latest follower! Would love for you to come on over to mine & follow me back! Have a great Monday! Allison @ leomommyof4.blogspot.com :)

  10. I love love love this! Everything about it! Great colors, and great personal touches! My son's room is polka dots too...and he loves it, so no worries. :) I think my favorite thing is your dictionary definition of his name. I'm definitely going to have to do one of those for my Noah. I'm so glad I found your blog and am your newest follower.


  11. I think you did an amazing job! How lucky and happy your little boy must be! The room has so much light, I love it. Also the dots/stripes combo is super cute. :)
    I visited from Debbie's Newbie Party, and follow along. I wish you a happy Tuesday :)

  12. What a darling space for a little boy. My grandson would love it. He is all about trucks and cars, and I showed him this post. He liked it!!