Spring has sprung


I love those grubby little fingers:)

Saturday night Evie came over to celebrate CD's 2nd birthday.  It was tons-o-fun:)  Its sweet to see how as the kids see more and more of each other they develop a comfort around each other and just act like little buddies.  Evie gave CD a pretty awesome set of trucks and she was sweet enough to bring CJ a set of magnet thingies too (that he loved)..(and that have also provided lots of entertainment for big CJ and me).. The kids ran around, rolled in the grass and dirt, ate cupcakes, chased each other, and just had some good ol' fun.  What could be better than being a kid?

Sunday we started on yardwork.  CJ did some trimming, pruning, etc. and we started painting our shutters.  Always a project around here!  Hopefully it will turn out well. We have a lighter colored brick that is a little challenging to coordinate colors to..

Well its Monday again:)  The kids are on spring break here so we've gotta come up with some things to do.  But we are loving the springtime weather and soaking it in.  Have a sunny little Monday friends:)

PS  THANK YOU to my sweet beautiful Mama for sending the boys a box of clothes!!! They would still be wearing sweaters and sweating profusely if not for her.  Mom, you're the best:) xo


  1. I love this post!! The cupcakes look divine and look at those CUTE clothes. I miss having a little boy run around. Happy Monday = )

  2. Tractor cupcakes??!!!! Soooooooo cute! And ya gotta love getting a box of children's clothes!!