Piles of Pedi's


My sweet shopaholic Mama (whose best friend owns a children's boutique where I proudly used to work and she carries these shoes) sent the boys a few pairs of Pedipeds.  I love, love these little shoes!!  The boys have worn them since they were babies and I'm fiercely loyal to them.

This is the Daniel loafer..

and the Sydney..

and the Adrian..

I just love them (did I mention that?), I think they are too stinkin' cute!  The ones for babies and new walkers have really soft soles and CJ actually wore his so much he wore a hole in them..

They have cute girlie ones too of course, I love these little sneaker-sandal thingies, so adorable.

But I always heart companies that have just as much for little guys as they do for gals=) Thanks again Mom!

PS Haven't gotten many pics of the boys lately (yucky weather) but here's a couple I hadn't posted..


  1. These shoes are so adorable!!! Do they come in a 7 1/2 women's? ; )))

  2. Those tiny little loafers are some of the cutest things I've seen. I love that you dress your boys so clasically...just the way I think little ones should be dressed. If your mom would like to shop for a girl, just send her my way! She does a fantastic job.