The weekend low down


This was Friday when the boys were eagerly awaiting Evie's arrival...

What's cuter than your husband reading to your little ones?

So Saturday morning Grandma and Grandpa flew in from the big city for a visit.  They brought the cold weather with them, can you believe it's been back in the 40's here?! Brrrr.  The boys are having a great time.  The Grandparents came armed with lots of tractors and toys, which makes for happy little campers.  Saturday afternoon we went to Chuckie Cheese's for lunch...

Does it look fun?  It wasn't--HA! Forgive the honesty (oh dear, am I being an old fogey?)  Okay, it was okaaaay...We had some less than delicious pizza, spent a small fortune (um, since when does it cost 70 bucks to eat pizza and play ski-ball?), and we were packed in this place like sardines.  They were soooo busy!! It's only our second time there so I was a little clueless; the games are really geared towards older kids and there were just *so* many people trying to do the same things.  But my little sweeties left with smiles on their faces and that's all that matters!!

Sunday we finally got back into church mode.  We've missed a few Sundays due to random illness and travels.  So today it was good to get back!  I think we are right on the cusp of letting CJ join us in the sanctuary (although he does love going to the nursery) so I am excited for that next time.  And may I say the music every Sunday is so beautiful, my my, these people can sing like the angels!

After church we went to Puckett's, a favorite of ours..

And you ain't lived until you've been to Puckett's=)

And so we are having a lazy Sunday afternoon with our weekend winding down.  I sure hope we get some warmer weather this week.  Have a relaxing Sunday:)


  1. LOVE that first photo of the boys peering out the front door. Your front door looks gorgeous by the way. :) Love the glass on the sides!

  2. I love the first picture! It's so sweet to me when little ones have so much anticipation!