Over the weekend my husband surprised me with a new bike! First new bike I've had since I was 14 and I felt just as giddy when I saw this one as I did back then. Fun! I loved the color, I'm so surprised he got this cutie pie blue/green one since he laughed me out of town when I said I wanted to put a basket on it.  He called me "froo froo".  Hm.  Anyways, we're trying out some new family hobbies and so far everyone seems happy with biking--that's pretty unusual! We put the boys in a bike trailer stocked with snacks and water and headed off for the trails.  Then when we get home the boys like to practice on their own little bikes.  It's pretty cute.  They really liked it.  CD even slept for a while!

The boys have also been having fun painting and coloring outside (a little trick we picked up from Evie!). 

And speaking of hobbies, little CJ started soccer last week too. We went to buy his gear today and it's just the cutest little stuff ever.  Little miniature cleats, shin guards, those little slicky shorts that remind me of Umbro's, oh it's all so cute.  Can't wait to snap some pics this week.  We are also wrapping up swimming lessons and starting school this week.  These boys keep me busy!!


  1. CUTE, CUTE! I just loved how happy you all were on Saturday telling me about your bikes. You have inspired us to make the leap too. I am impressed with the color too. Way to go, Guy's! That's what Evie calls her boys Daddy. Not sure where she got that from.

  2. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for following! I just started following your blog too (found it through Niemeyer Nest). I love your photography and your boys are adorable!!

    I also haven't had a bike since I was a teenager. Definitely something I would love to get into with the kids in a couple of years. And I'm certain I will be giddy too!