My anniversary is coming up and looking at wedding pictures brings back sweet memories. C and I have been married for 6 years! WOW!

We got married by the water, very casual and non-fussy.  I made my own wedding invitations.  We had a little tower of cupcakes instead of a cake.  It was the best day of my life (tied with the 2 birthdays of my boys of course) and that's just what I'd always hoped for.

It's been a really fun ride so far.  We first met at a restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina called Brickhouse Tavern.  I was there to meet someone else, ha! And that someone else brought a friend, who turned out to be my future husband!

But it was Halloween when we first really paid attention to each other and considered dating. CJ's the nun and I'm the 60's girl (I used to be blonde, long story..) For this reason I look forward to Halloween every year, I love it, it's kind of an anniversary of sorts too.

I loved that he wasn't afraid to dress up for that Halloween party and he didn't take himself too seriously.  Who doesn't love a good sense of humor?

Fast forward a while later: C was in the garage working on his jeep and I was hanging out with him studying for a nursing exam. He asked me to hand him an air filter. I hissed at being interrupted, put down my books, got the air filter and handed it to him, saying "Here, and a little white box just fell out of it." Gasp! He looked at me kind of strange and I think we both laughed. That little white box had my ring in it. C proposed and pulled champagne and flowers out of his jeep.  SO cute! Great memory. And we laugh now at the fact that I was so mean right before he proposed, oh funny:)

So that's the quick version of our story.  Two precious boys later he's my partner in crime and I would choose him again and again. He's a great catch:)

PS This was last night on our way to our celebratory dinner. Had our babysitter snap a quick pic and I felt like a total dork but so glad we finally have a halfway current photo together! Dinner was Mills Creek Sauvignon Blanc (yum), pan-seared scallops over lobster mac-and-cheese (me),  veal 3 ways (husband), dessert coffee, and molten lava cake  = 10,000 calories but who cares:)


  1. Oh, I love this story. I cannot believe that I did not know this about your proposal. So cute! We had the babysitter take our picture too and I felt so dumb too. I'll come take your picture anytime.

  2. What a great story! Congratulations on 6 years!

  3. The roots you two have set over the years serve as such an inspiration. Enjoy the happy day.. and all the calories that come with!

  4. What a beautiful love story! I heart the pics and especially the last one....BLONDE!!! =)))