I'm so terribly behind on posting lately... my parents visited last weekend and we went some cool places, one of which was the zoo.  They have a cool little place where you can feed the birds and I loved it, I mean, the boys loved it!

The zoo is neat because they do a great job of sharing its history.  There is a home on the property that was in someone's family for 5 generations and they donated it to the city with the stipulation that it be used to honor the environment and educate others.  It's such a gorgeous old house with outdoor kitchen, carriage house, huge garden, barn, etc.  I do not have a great picture of the house itself, shame on me, but we went for a tour inside and for antique lovers like my dad and I, it was heaven.  It was so fun to walk through a home that old with all of its original furnishings. Gorgeous handcrafted furniture, heavy moldings, neat old door knobs... etc.  Oh, and so fun for a 2 and 4 year old.  Quite possibly shaved a year off of my life protecting the antiques from my two rambunctious and curious boys.  But they did a great job with the promise of carousel rides for good behavior!

Excursion number 2 was to Antique Archaeology.  The dude from American Pickers owns it and we are big fans of the show.  It was pretty cool, we saw lots of stuff that we've seen on actual episodes.  Neato!

If you watch the show you might remember this old arrow...

I'm guessing they're going to make a few dollars on t-shirts if nothing else.  If you're on my Christmas list I hope you like American Pickers, ha!


  1. I'm so glad I was able to catch up! Your pictures are fantastic and your boys just keep getting more adorable.