Happy Birthday Big C:)


My sweet husband is a year older today. Hallelujah!! It's our little secret that I'm a tad older than CJ so his birthdays are especially happy days for me. hehe.  He's catching up;)

I'm going to try not to get too sappy.  C is our family hero.  He's a fabulous father and husband.  He's patient (although he might tell you that years of living with me is chipping away at his famous patience), he's kind, he's a good sport (one of the first things I loved about him), he's an incredibly hard worker, he's a great friend, son, brother, uncle, everything.  He is a fantastic cook.  He's a pizza snob (a New Yorker).  He's a gentleman.  He makes a mean egg sandwich and he loves a good New York deli.  He's fun.  He's thoughtful.  He's not perfect, but he's close.

He makes me a better person and the boys and I love him dearly.


PS. Note to self: take more pictures with my husband!


  1. Hi Courtney!! For some reason your blog hasn't been showing updates on my Google Reader so I didn't realize you had been posting lately! These are such amazing beach pictures of the birthday boy with his sons! You are lucky indeed! That first one is AMAZING!