We're having a great summer! It feels like it's been summer forever here because it's been warm for quite a while.  No complaints here.  We've been playing in the sprinkler, painting, getting together with friends, grilling, etc.  Big C and I have even been out on a few dates, yay!

The boys are really at adorable ages.  They are growing so fast though!  CD says 500 times a day "I can do it MYself!!"  When he wakes up in the morning, if CJ isn't awake yet, he can't stand it and he just has to get him up.  It's sweet!  CJ loves to get up and get himself dressed and come and surprise me.  And he always matches his clothes perfectly, ha! I am always kind of surprised by this. Do all children match their clothes?  I find this amazing.  He's such a big boy. He told me today that he was going to tell Daddy on me and I was going to get a time out.  I am having to remind these boys who the boss is because they forget sometimes (but not all the time, mwa ha ha)..

Funny story -- Big C tried to put Little C in time out the other day and Little C said, "Dad, you are not putting me in time out. You are not the boss.  Mom is." This one had us laughing so hard! We are constantly hearing the most hysterical things come out of these little mouths. 

On another subject we had a great Fourth of July.  We walked to the edge of our neighborhood and watched fireworks.  It is the first time the boys have seen fireworks and guess what? They couldn't have cared less, ha! They were just excited to be out after dark and chasing Evie around.

PS  Congratulations to my good friend who just had a precious baby boy!!


  1. The Pictures are so good. I can't believe how fast Cam and Christian are growing up. You are sooo Blessed to have such a wonderful family. We love you all. Mom