Random weekend photos


This was little man's mood for most of Friday..but we survived, we all have those days.

I love these pictures of CJ because they show something I haven't noticed before: his right eye squints a tiny bit more than his left--and his mama's does the exact same thing:) Isn't it sweet to see special traits in your children?

We pass this gorgeous farm on our Saturday morning bike rides and it is the epitome of what I love about Tennessee.  Wherever else we move I will always have this beautiful vision of the farms here--they take my breath away. And they make me want to jump on a horse and gallop across a field:)

These little buddies make me smile, we are always so happy to see this girl!

I love his eyes in this picture.  They are such a pretty hazel.

Love his sweet little profile.

And finally, brothers being brothers.  My sweet mischievous little boys:)


  1. That picture of the three kids on the swings is priceless! It's like a poster for perfect childhood summertime fun.