This is weird


Our new school schedule is in full swing this week.  CJ is in school T,W,Th and CD is Tuesday/Thursday.  I had lists and lists of things I would do with my new found free time.  But so far I wander around feeling kind of lost, humming songs (and possibly talking to myself)... It's weird!

I was driving today and checked my mirror to see what the boys were doing, and duh, they are at school.  But I still panicked when I didn't see them in the backseat.  I guess I'll get used to it soon!  I like the time to myself but I miss them!!

So Wednesdays CD and I are spending some time together, brunching at Chik-fil-A and meeting up with Daddy.  He is quite a different little man without his big brother.  He's actually sort of quiet, a far cry from his normal personality.  He's typically my wild man and the two of them are the loudest little rascals around.

All this quietness is weird!

Scenes from yesterday.. a visit to Daddy's office..

And a picture of me, even if it is only my feet.  I finally got that pair of Tory Burch flats I'd been wanting and my patience paid off--I found these for $49:) Yay.  They are a little snug and I have to wrap my feet in bandages, but I don't care.


  1. Your pics are you ever get sick of me saying this?? hehe. Great taste in shoes, I have those!! =)))

  2. When I took Avery back to the sitter's this summer after being home, I would get ready to point out tractors to her on my ride to school, and she wasn't in the car! I say enjoy this new time for yourself, especially if it's the first quiet in a few years.