CD had a great day at school today.  Though he was crying when I dropped him off, his teacher told me there was very little crying today after I left and that she felt we'd turned a corner.  He had fun coloring, did well in a 1 on 1 matching game,  and was happy.  Hooray!

CJ's first soccer game was last weekend.  We are so proud of him.  I can see how sports get a little crazy though.  Team pride is bigtime (we are the yellow jackets) and people you would think would never yell at a game actually do yell (like my husband) ha! Things kinda get a little rowdy.

What C liked: making new friends.

What he didn't like:  chasing a ball and being told to kick it.  No interest whatsoever. You can't tell that from the photos though! My babies are growing so fast.


  1. Oh my, CJ looks so big out on that field. So happy to hear about CD.