To Infinity and Beyond


I love that C is dancing while the other 2 are negotiating candy!!!!

We had ourselves a fabulous little Halloween last night! We met up with our favorite neighbors and pals and did some tailgating.  Carl brought pizza for the kids and Christian brought Pei Wei for the grown ups.  It was yummy.  The kids were super cute eating dinner at their own little table and playing.  It was also Jennifer's birthday which made it extra fun:)  All the kids loved trick or treating and I think the boys could not get enough of all that sugar.  Big C later told me what a great Halloween he had in spite of being a giant Buzz Lightyear.  It was good times for sure and fun memories:)


  1. LOVE the costumes! You guys look adorable!!

  2. Oy my gosh- I love that you all wore themed costumes. So much fun. I hope you have a great weekend.