Seacrest 2014 memories


We just returned from my favorite week of the year, our week in the Florida Gulf relaxing and making family memories. I dream about it all year long. Spending a week with my 3 boys and relaxing like beach bums, it doesn't get any better. Here are some photos from our trip.

I'm kind of laughing that I still dress them alike! I don't even give it a thought anymore until I see pictures.. going to keep it going until they say no!

We have a little beach routine that works for us...on the beach by 9, bag of sandwiches/drinks/fruit packed, we eat lunch and snacks on the beach, ride waves and play, then head in about 2 or 3. Sometimes we'll sneak in some pool time too.  Then we get everyone showered and shined up, and we're at dinner by 5.  No waiting for tables and getting everyone cranky!

We dined at our favorites and tried some new (to us) restaurants. George's in Alys Beach is the place we look forward to all year. It's a wonderful combination of relaxed and fancy and the menu is always delicious. And if you're a white wine person like me, you'll love that Sancerre always makes the list. We stayed in Seacrest this year, which is nestled right between Rosemary and Alys, and we could walk to both places. Perfect location!

The kids' first fondue experience was at La Crema Tapas and Chocolate in Rosemary Beach. It was our first time eating there and we loved it. It's hard to beat Rosemary. And fondue;) Fridays are now dubbed our fondue night.. Notice the fruit is still sitting on the plate and the marshmallows and pound cake were the winners.

Cowgirl Kitchen deserves a mention too, delicious pizza. And Sugar Shak! Any and every kind of candy you can dream up, they have it. All the faves from childhood--it's awesome, a trip down memory lane.

I have to share a funny story from one of our nights in Rosemary. There's a fountain in a common area that the kids were asking me for coins to throw in.  I sadly did not have any coins in my purse so they asked for dollars. Mr. C said, "What do you think this is, Rosemary Beach?!!" Ha!

We also hit up Great Southern and Heavenly in Seaside

but spent most of our time playing games on the beach and riding the waves at Seacrest.

The boys really surprise me on the beach. Usually my 5 year old is the daredevil and my 7 year old is the cautious one but they switch personalities when it comes to playing in the water.

And here's the picture I take each year as kind of a measure of the boys' growth...this was our first family vacation in 2010, when the boys were 3 and 1.

and oh my word this is now, ages 7 and 5..

Melts my heart. So thankful to see them grow.

Mostly it's the simple moments that are the most special, like Daddy saying prayers every night.

aaaand I'll just be here counting the days until we can go back:)


  1. Precious Post!!! And great pictures!! I have got to get some memories typed up and posted, sometimes it is nice for a break!

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