Hair do and fun products


I'm headed to the salon today and excited to try a new stylist.  It's just time for a fresh start. I'm not doing anything drastic but I'm loving this dark to light look (I thought it was called hombre but my friend says her stylist calls it balayage?) Whatever it's called, I really like it if it's subtle.

My overall style is pretty basic, just going for a nice sharp cut and cute style, maybe like this...

or this...

I'm also using 2 new products that are definitely worth sharing.

My hair is naturally curly and blowing it out straight every day just dries it out bigtime. Kerastase Nectar Thermique is the first product I've used in years (since my Frederik Fekkai Straight Away was discontinued) that improves the texture without being too heavy. It's a tad pricey but it's worth it. Birchbox carries it (you can actually get Kerastase products at Walgreens but I haven't been able to find Nectar Thermique there).

The Suave Keratin conditioner was recommended by a friend and let me tell you, it is as good or better than any of the high end stuff I've tried! Getcha some. 


  1. I am using kerastase shampoo and conditioner- a pretty penny but my hair is loving it! love those hair styles!

  2. love those cuts:) and I love that look too!

  3. Balyage is when the stylist paints on the highlights individually instead of doing the standard hilighted "stripes" with foil. It's a much more natural look and your roots aren't so bad. It costs more but you won't have to go as much bc it's not such a drastic difference when your hair grows out. I got it done at my last appt and love it!

  4. Love those inspiration photos! Cute cuts. I am obsessed with that Suave shampoo/conditioner line. I pretty much can't believe the product for the price?! But I've been using it for a while now and am happy with it. I too have naturally curly hair and love the Kerastase line. I will have to look into that cream!

  5. I adore all of these hair styles and it truly makes me want dark hair, again.

  6. Can't wait to see your hair! I've tried the Suave product as well and it really is great!