Weekend happenings


I was in for quite a surprise weekend before last -- my parents called and said "We're in Memphis! Gonna stop in and see you for a few days!" I cried I was so excited. My parents aren't the most spontaneous folks so it really was a great surprise. Turns out their vacation got a little derailed and my mom (an Elvis fan from way back) decided to mark "Visit Graceland" off her bucket list. So she and my Dad went on a little road trip! I love it.

We ate at our favorite pizza joint, did the tourist thing, then hit up the JCrew sale (and got some amazing deals with an extra 40% off!)

I didn't buy any boots downtown but I do love to look at them:)

Some attempts at pictures...

This past weekend was fun too, I hope yours was.  My mom is headed back again on Thursday and I'm so excited, yay! She wants to dress up like Duck Dynasty for Halloween, oh boy...I don't know if I want to wear a beard all night! We shall see.


  1. Such great pics! Please, please, please dress up like Duck Dynasty...lol...I def would love to see those pics!

  2. Love your new tops. And the pics! So cute.

  3. What a wonderful surprise!! Your pictures look great!