Fashion Friday: Cold weather running favorites


It has been positively freezing here in Tennessee and since I signed up for a marathon in April, I have to get my runs in. No excuses:) My family was so sweet to spoil me with some Lululemon gift cards and I picked up some fun things that are worth sharing!

Base Runner 1/2 zip

I layer this with a cool racerback and it is the perfect weight for days that are in the 30s. Even when it's freezing, I hate to overdress and overheat.  This is a great combo.

I wasn't going to get this even though I loved it (it's a similar weight to the 1/2 zip) but when Mr. C and I wandered into Lulu on a wild and crazy date night I couldn't resist grabbing it. I'm glad I did, it's wonderfully comfy. And visible! And cute. Look at the little gathers in the back. Perfect fit!

I also (finally) got a pair of Wunder Unders (Full on luon version) and I can see what the fuss is about. They are very soft, very comfy, and surprisingly warm. I sized up in these because I wanted them to be comfy enough for lounge as well but I wish I had gotten my normal size. Just an fyi.

Last but not least, the best running gloves I've ever come across; Saucony Ulti-Mitts.

They are pricey for running gloves and I wasn't originally going to invest (so I talked my mom into it, ha!) but they truly are worth it. My 2 cheaper pairs were worthless. These are so warm but still lightweight and have 5 finger gloves underneath the mitt.

And on my wishlist...the Brooks Ravenna 5. Must run in bright shoes!


  1. Run Courtney Run! I am so proud of you for running in these frigid temps. I can barely dart out to get the mail or newspaper much less run in this cold.

  2. Love all your choices! I agree that the racerback and the pullover are the perfect weight for a cooler day. I hate to get too hot too :) And I'm obsessed with the long sleeve t - you may have just convinced me to pull the trigger!

  3. Are you doing the Full in nashville last weekend in April??? I am doing the Full the weekend before at Louisville, the Ky Derby!! I am freaking slightly!!! I got some Under Armour Infrared pants and top and love them!! They are great for wicking and keep you really warm. Happy training!!!

  4. I always love all of your Lulu gear! So excited for you and your marathon! I also want some fun and brightly colored shoes!

  5. Love your Lulu! I'm running a half in April too and have been struggling finding winter gear that I love! May have to try some of these pieces!

    Xo, Julia

  6. I'm obsessed with all things all of this.