Fashion Friday


Better late than never right! At least it's still Friday... My boys have been waking up before the roosters and I haven't had my usual blog time.  Enough talk, here are some pretty clothes!

On my fall lust list:  My boys are quite rowdy so my clothes have to be comfy and functional as well as cute.  I love these pieces for fall:  Forgive me, you've seen a lot of this before!

Chambray shirt (Banana Republic)--I love mine and will probably live in it.

Fun cotton sweaters:  The heart sweater is a must, puts me in a better mood automatically.  How can you not smile when there's a giant heart on your shirt? Mine is from Old Navy but this one is JCrew Factory.  Love lightweight cotton sweaters.

Loose blouses:  This navy one is ShopSosie.  I love these for impromptu date nights with tight jeans and heels (or boots), I feel instantly chic.

Scarves:  Loft has some adorable ones but the truth is I buy most of mine at TJ Maxx! Cheap and cute--I have a ton and keep adding them on, easy way to spice up Mom clothes.

Cute jackets:  The hot pink corduroy one is from Gap.  I love it!  I'd get rid of that plaid shirt and throw on a white tee and some dark skinny jeans.

Riding boots:  I think we bloggers talk about these daily.  I live in boots in the fall and would love for these to magically appear in my closet.

Friends, go have a fun weekend!  Shop, play, eat, drink, hang with your family and friends and be merry!


  1. All great choices! I especially love the boots (a must for fall!) and the scarf. I have a strange obsession with scarves! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  2. Love that blouse! I am about to email you an adorable shirt I found!

  3. THAT SWEATER. I want it, and I can't find it on Old Navy's website anymore! Devastating. I'm glad you were able to get one, though! And of course riding boots are a must! Those TB ones are obviously not a bad choice either :)

  4. I have the ON heart sweater too. Go figure. And yes, I think every blogger has talked about riding boots this week! That's okay, we are all just excited about them. Okay, now go settle those boys down! ;)

  5. Love all of your picks! I love the blouse, scarf and of corde the riding boots! I think I will be living in my chambray shirt as well! Hope you are enjoying your weekend friend!

  6. very cute! i'm in love with the scarf. i don't typically shop at banana republic but thanks for giving me a reason to go check them out again!