5 on Friday


1~ We've been at the pool 4 days this week and the boys are doing amazing with swimming. They are now running and jumping into the pool, fearless (which means I have heart attacks daily). This has been such a fun summer. I squeeze them tight every chance I get because just look how big they are!

2~ Shopping for back to school shirts. I'm picking up a few cute heat press shirts and these are on my list. The first is by Preppy By Design on Etsy and the second is A Simple Stitch on FB. So stinkin' cute!

3~ I went back to Mizuno sneakers after developing heel pain in my Brooks. I'm in the Wave Inspire 9's and so happy with them. It took a few tries to find the shoe for me.  I have the orange pair and am going to pick up the turquoise pair this week since my running friend says I need 2 pair for marathon training (twist my arm;).

Also loving.loving.loving the Lululemon Track Attack shorts. The waistband is SO comfy and they are looser in the leg than both the Groovy and Speed short. I'm a fan of all but I'm living in these right now. 

4~ I'm still pining over a monogram necklace...need something cute for everyday and this is it. This one is on sale (Etsy), it may jump into my jewelry box! 

5~ I'm fiiiinaaaally getting around to having some of my photos printed. I think this is going to be a monstrous size canvas:)

although I was tempted to go with something more casual...

Which would y'all go with?

Or maybe this one?

Happy Friday!



  1. Love all those family pics! Beautiful! I also love the cut of those Lulu shorts. I am so tempted to go to a running store to be analyzed and see if I need new shoes. I'm still pain-free in knees but can't help wondering if there is something better for me. Of course I need to actually be running for that to be a smart decision. A busy July 4th week followed by vacation has gotten me all off.

  2. I love the new Mizuno colors!!!! I have the new purple ones, but they have been hurting my left big toe. I am going to my running store and see what the problem is. I have never had the run test done, just tried on Mizunos they felt great and never looked back. First problem i have ever had. I like both pictures but am a sucker for beach ones!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, definitely the first family pic. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. I'am in love with these photos and that monogram necklace is amazing.

  5. Those photos are great! Maybe print both and rotate them? ;) Ha! Love, love, love those Lulu shorts and yes, you definitely need two pairs of shoes to rotate while training (hi, I'm an enabler!).

  6. LOVE the photo of your 4 on the steps!
    I'm in the market for new shoes too - training for a 1/2 marathon and need to get a pair to motivate me on longer runs ;)

  7. Hands down first one of ya'll on steps of yacht club (where the family started :)

  8. All the pics are beautiful, but I think I would go with the beach shot :) I am also living in Lulu these days, that is when I'm not at work!

  9. The top photos on the steps is beautiful! I love everything about it!

  10. Both family pictures pictures are pretty! Maybe chose based on which room in your house you would hang it??
    Looove the monogram necklace! I want one really badly!

  11. Love all of the pics! I purchased my monogram necklace from Max&Chloe and I love it. They are having 20% off right now if you haven't ordered already!