Things are changing....


We are getting ready for Kindergarten around here...little C is ready to go to a "big" school and I am quietly coaching myself through the process of letting go a little. I have a hard time thinking about my baby being away from me for 8 hours a day, in others' care, around lots of (great folks I'm sure) but frankly, strangers to me.  I wanted to be brave and "together" through this process but instead, when I think about it, my heart jumps into my throat and I want to cry! I need to get a grip.

We went to Potterybarn Kids the other day and I let him choose a backpack.  Normally I keep the choices carefully paired down but this time I only had one rule.  "No faces please." In other words, I am not buying a backpack with Darth Vader on it. Is that bad?! He's only 6!  I'm just not that into you, Darth Vader.  As I figured, his choice and my choice were a little off. I loved the navy and red nautical stripe (I even told him he could put the scary pirate patch on it!) and while he did point out the Darth Vader one, he chose blue skateboard camo.

I guess it could've been worse -- for some reason PBK put snakes and spiders on many of the backpacks this year (gee thanks!). What's next, a machete and a Budlight? How about a soccer ball or some cars and trucks?

Yesterday, on our way home from school, he says,  "Mom, I don't want to wear these CUTE shirts anymore." Oh no, my heart is sinking.

"Well, what do you want to wear?" I say.

"COOL shirts", he replies. "My friend had on a shirt with a giant squid wrapped around a building."

Oh dear. I'm just not that into giant squids wrapped around buildings... I'm carefully choosing my wording these days and have eliminated 'cute' from my vocabulary. I'm hoping I can still sneak in a few *cool, awesome, manly* appliques without too much opposition. We shall see:)

In the meantime, let me also say I'm counting blessings. I'm thankful they are healthy, happy, and spunky with their little opinions.  I'm thankful for these conversations we have together, because I still see them as the teeny tiny little babies I brought home from the hospital (and I remember dreaming of the days we'd have conversations and they could tell me what they want!). But they grow up way too fast y'all.


  1. Oh my gosh- my heart sank... Squid?! You're better than the squid Little C!

  2. I am dying over the squid shirt but mourning right along with you. I have never gotten the big princess face shirts or shoes for Avery, and now that she sees them on others she'll call her plain white Keds her Tangled shoes. I hope her imagination keeps that up for awhile. And I'm crying over preschool so I can't even imagine Kindergarten!

  3. I'm with you on choking up over school! Our school system is a bit different: you do junior and senior kindergarten at ages 4 and 5, then grade 1 at age 6. Kindergarten is typically part time (6.5 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alternate Fridays), but starting next year it will be full days, five days a week! That means when Jessica is just 4 years old she'll be gone all day every day!!!! I don't understand how she or I will survive :(. This year Emily will be starting JK just part time, thankfully!

    I hope you'll be able to find some 'cool' shirts that please you both!

  4. It was very hard for me to let my little one go. She is going into second grade this year and it's still not easy. A mom's love! I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. It makes me sad too, Courtney. I still think of C as a little 3 year old boy wearing a pumpkin shirt. The "cool" shirts may be a phase- Evie swore off bows for a few months and now the bows are back. I am excited to watch C experience kindergarten -give it a few weeks and everyone will be adjusted! He's super bright, happy, well-behaved and excited to learn new things. Can't wait to follow along!

  6. Oh no, squid! Hopefully you can still get some of the "manly" appliques in there from time to time! :)

  7. Kind of sweet that he wants a "cool" t-shirt - he's showing independence and as much as it pains you a bit, you'd be concerned if he wasn't spreading his little wings. Kindergarden is such a sweet milestone. I remember crying when my husband and I went for the parent visit! His world and yours, will open up so much and I promise you will meet some wonderful people! I love his new backpack!

  8. Oh no! I can only imagine what you are going through. Stay strong and keep us posted on everything! I'll be thinking of you...

  9. Scarlett just started her last year of preschool and I am so sad, she is my little buddy and I only have 1 year left with her. My other 2 are gone all day and then they get busy with activities at night, I feel like I hardly see them!!