Great news!


I told you recently about the potential catastrophe that occurred when my external hard drive froze and my pictures, *ALL* of my life's pictures (Christmases, wedding, babies, birthdays, everything), were possibly lost.  Well I have great news to share!!!! The company that we found in California (God bless you smart computer savvy Californians) saved 90 percent of my pictures.  Forty two thousand and something to be exact!  May I highly, oh so highly, recommend Drive Savers to you if you are ever foolish like me and don't back up your favorite family photos. Thank you Drive Savers!!!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you!  I'll be spending LOTS of time in the coming weeks saving my pictures to online backups and burning CD's!

Next, just a couple random thoughts for ya.

Gap is giving clothes away friends, giving them away.  Please go now.

Mint skinnies, $70 marked down to $18. Beautiful.

I've been dreaming of mint capris ever since I saw this on Pinterest.

Adorable plaid ruffle shirt, to feed my plaid ruffle addiction.  On sale for less than $20.

I also stopped by Lululemon, which my mother hysterically refers to as Lemon Lime.  They are NOT having a sale (HA!) but I used my giftcard and bought the Run for your Life capris.  THEY ARE FABULOUS! I love the seam down the back-middle leg and they are a wonderful, shiny, soft smooth fabric. I cheap it on tops but for pants, I like the good stuff.  I'll be needing another pair;) Thank you Grace (and company!) for the gift card:)

Also picked up this adorbs running shirt from GapFit (thanks Lansing and company!)  While I'm typically happy to run in Old Navy compression tops, I must say, this one feels like butter.  I loooove it.  I got it in deep purple because I sweat like a man but they have beautiful happy bright colors.

Go shopping friends--good for the soul:)


  1. So glad to hear that all your pics were saved!! I hope you and your family have a great New Years!!

  2. I'm SO glad that your pictures were able to be recovered :) LOVING all the stuff you got from Gap- I'm going to have to stop in this weekend and look for some of those great deals!

    Happy, happy New Years to you and your sweet family, friend!

  3. What great news Courtney! I am so glad they were able to save most of your pictures! When you decide who to use for online saving let me know because I've been saving them to a hard drive as well and want to change that too!

    Love all of your great shopping finds!! Love that Pinterest outfit with mint skinnies, it will look just perfect on you!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad your pictures were saved!! That's great news!!

    And I think I need to go shopping today... I love a good sale!!

  5. Forty Two Thousand! No wonder those boys are naturals in front of the lens. So glad they have been retrieved!

  6. just catching up on all my blogs, looks like you had a great Christmas!! and yes the gap is giving away clothes, I feel like I robbed the place blind when I walked out yesterday!!

    Happy new year!!

  7. wow! So glad that they were able to save 90% of your pictures. I think I would have died if that happened to me. xx

  8. Praise the Lord!!!! I am so happy that you got most of the pics back. I can't even imagine the pit that was in your stomach!!! Yay!!! Happy New Year, sweet friend!! I am so thankful we "met" through blog land. Happy New Year!!

  9. oh yay! I'm so glad you were able to recover most of your pictures. I can only imagine the potential heartbreak at the thought of losing thousands of pictures!

    Your Gap finds are awesome! I almost made Jim take me to the mall but I hate this in-between phase of just having had a baby ;)

    I have, however, been living in my lululemon pants the past few days. They truly are the best.

  10. Happy to hear you got your photos back! And love the new purchases :)

    The Other Side of Gray