These are a few of my favorite things


Do y'all remember how Oprah used to do her favorite things show every year?  Of course you do. I loved it.   She still does it in her magazine and as I was looking it over the other day I was inspired.  So I decided to make a list myself!

Disclaimer:  If you are one of my family members please refrain from robbing a bank and buying me this list. :) It's for fun blog purposes only.

Here you go!

I love to lounge.  Victoria's Secret Pink is a longtime favorite.  So soft and comfy. I love the boyfriend pants and the super soft tees.

Cute slippers.  We try not to wear shoes in our house and I've destroyed all of my socks as a result so I love little slippers these days. These are from Loft.

Running gear!

!st column: Old Navy compression jacket, GapFit pants. I have both of these and love them.

2nd column: Garmin Forerunner 10, Lululemon brisk run gloves, Swiftwick socks.
I always wear Swiftwicks, they are my lucky socks:) Plus they are made right here in Tennessee and I'm a loyal girl.  My hands freeze so good gloves are a must. These Lulu's are on my list, I love them! I'm also planning to get a good watch to help control my pace and take training to the next level.  Runners, what watch do you like? This Garmin Forerunner 10 is a pretty good price compared to other models, should I invest in a better one or will this do?

3rd column: Lulu wishlist:) Runder Under long sleeve shirt and Run for your Life crops.  Love!!

K-cups!  They feed my coffee addiction! I dearly love that making a cup of coffee is so easy.

Photography stuff! This book is on my list.  I shot pictures for a couple of friends this year and they really inspired me--I hope I can take it to the next level next year and reeeeaaaally polish the skills.  So grateful to them for trusting me to do their pictures and for believing in me:) I know, that sounds sappy but it meant a lot to me.

Monogram necklace: these are everywhere and I love them.  Guess I'll jump on board this train too.

Pandora charms.  My mother in law gave me this bracelet years ago for my birthday and she, my mom, and Mr. C are working to fill it up.  It's a favorite! Mr. C recently surprised me with a charm that has a sneaker on it for my running. I loved it, I'm such a cheeseball.

Okey dokey, did I leave anything out?  If you have some favorites, share them!


  1. Those slippers are the CUTEST and I loooove lulu lemon workout makes working out so much better :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I must have that gap jacket! I have a bright blue one already and am obsessed with it. So comfy and I swear they make me look skinnier, ha! Which is your favorite k-cup? I need to buy more.

  3. I have the Forerunner 205 and I love it! And you are already are a great photographer!

  4. LOVE K-Cups! I've also had a tassimo- which I LOVE but it doesn't give me as many options. Someone at work, though, just bough us a Keurig which means I get to try out all new K cups now! Which flavors are you most favorite?!

  5. I am hoping one of those monogram necklaces shows up under the tree for me too! And anything lulu is okay with me!

  6. Love this list! I bought myself the monogrammed necklace. I can't just be waiting around for Santa, I've git outfits to accessorize!

    I also need to get some more charms for my Pandora, I only have two. It's pathetic.

  7. My favorite things was always the best episode on Oprah!! I have the monogrammed necklace on my list too!! I took a photography class a couple of weeks ago and it has inspired me to take better pictures

  8. I was just talking about the PINK collection with my girlfriend yesterday....I love comfy clothes and that brand has some fun bling. LOVE. My new Kcup obsession is the golden french toast. mmm

  9. Fantastic list! I've definitely jumped on the monogrammed necklace train too, love it! You should post a picture of your Pandora bracelet when it's full! :)

  10. I have a small monogrammed necklace but I really want a large one. I also have a pandora bracelet however I have not gotten any new charms in forever. xx

  11. Okay friend, I am going to just go ahead and take your list and type it out for myself!! Great choices!! I have a Garmin Forerunner 405 and love it. The only negative is that the battery runs down fast. Bur if I remember to charge it every few days it is okay. I love VS Pink and am definitely adding some of that to my list too. I have really been wanting some Lulu running gear too. Lastly, I just love the monogram necklace and am hoping Santa brings that to me :)

  12. Love VS PINK and the VSX line is great for running in!