I'm still here:)


Hi friends! Life here lately is on the brink of crazy and I'm sure you know what that's like. We are trying to tie up loose ends before Christmas, make sure we didn't miss anything, wrap, run countless errands, bake cookies, and eat and sleep in our spare time.  I have some updates for you though! As usual, random!

1.  Let's start with this -- Merry Christmas!!
Sweet Birdies' Nest created my cards and I *loved* them.  Loved them!  Thanks so much ladies. They also did the boys' birthday cards this year and they were precious:)

2.  I don't think I ever shared the fact that the MRI of my knee showed no tears.  (If I did, oops, I'm senile and I'm sharing it again.) What it did show was some reeeaaaally roughed up cartilage. My knee cap tracks incorrectly and has wreaked havoc on the cartilage.  My doctor has chosen a conservative method of treatment (surgery likely isn't going to be necessary!) and is letting pain be our guide. I have a cool new brace to run in that keeps my kneecap where it should be and I'm working with PT to strengthen all surrounding muscles to lessen the load my knees carry. I am running 3 or so days a week (which is about to get amped up after the new year), 2 three to five milers and long runs on the weekends (6-8).  I'm carefully increasing my mileage this time.

I'm also doing shorter faster runs to try and build speed. Not necessarily fartleks (although I did that yesterday, go ahead and laugh at that fantastic word, it is Swedish for "speed play" if you're not a runner) but I'm reading a book called The Art of Running Faster (Jillian Goater/Don Melvin) which has introduced some new techniques and ideology.  I'm working on my form and hoping to join a running group to properly train for the half in April.  I'm going to mix some 5 and 10K's in along the way.  Should be good times!  P.S.  I have hardly any pain in my knees at the moment--amazing!!! P.P.S. My Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's are the most perfect shoe for me and I LOVE running in them.  Gotta have the right gear:)

2.  I tweaked some things in the boys' rooms and I love the changes.  One thing: I found that I got what I paid for regarding fabrics.  $3.50 per yard fabric, not so great.  However, $20 per yard fabric from Lewis & Sheron Textiles, pretty fabulous, very worth it. LS is at the bottom.  Great place to find fabric!

3.  I tried a green drink from Whole Foods, in part to look cool and in part because I am a stickler for veggies daily.  This one had kale, celery, apples, and some other stuff that I forgot.  I found it weird to drink celery but I didn't hate it.  I just wish they sold smaller cups.  Better portion size needed and I'll be a fan.

5.  I had a little preliminary birthday dinner with some close friends and it was so fun! I share a birthday week with Sara and it was a barrel of laughs to celebrate together.  So blessed! So grateful!

Laughed until it hurt and ate chocolate cake! What could be better?

P.S. My hubs bought me this cute dress from Anthro for my b-day, would you believe this is my first dress from there?! Woohoo!


  1. Love all these updates! The Xmas cards are precious. Glad to hear about your knee. We run about the same distances/amounts. This week is my 9 miler week. Getting excited! My half is in less than a month!!

  2. I love the picture of you girls laughing- it makes me so happy!! And that is GREAT news about your knee- praying for a quick recovery for you! Yay for no surgery!!
    PS- as always, your boys are presh! Loving the Christmas cards!

  3. Love your Christmas card!!!! So cute!!! I have been doing awful as of late on my running. However after the first of the year I am hitting it hard!! At least 3-5 times a week! I am going to train for 2 half marathons this spring, and I am so anxious!!

  4. First of all...You're Christmas card is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    Your running has seriously been my motivation lately. I have to step it up after the new year! I'm glad you will be doing the same.

  5. I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas!!! Love the card. SO CUTE.

  6. Glad to hear your knee is doing better!! Love the Christmas card picture!! They are the cutest boys ever. And it's always nice to have good girlfriends that you can have a fun with.

  7. first off, happy birthday!! I love that you have a birthday week and not just one day!! Merry Christmas to you, your cards are adorable. those green drinks are an acquired taste, they get a little better each time!!

    Merry Merry

  8. Love the Christmas card. Every now and then your posts make me want to run. I don't run. But, we'll see what happens when spring arrives.

  9. Thank YOU for asking us to create your cards. They're one of my favorites from this year :)

    Good news about your knee!! Now that the baby is here, I'm mentally preparing to start running again.

  10. What great updates!!
    1. Love the Christmas card! It is perfect!
    2. So glad your knee is still feeling so good! Keep up the great work!!
    3. I need to try that green drink, love veggies but sometimes it is hard to get them in daily.
    4. Happy early birthday friend! I love your dress! Way to go Me C :) I have never bought a dress from Anthro either.

    Hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Christmas!!