Back from a road trip


Sorry I've been MIA again:) On Sunday the boys and I headed out on a little road trip to Virginia to spend a few days with my mom and dad.  It was a good time to go since Mr. C had business in North Carolina. I miss my parents (and my brother and his family) so much!  We took 2 cars and I had the boys.  They were so good considering it took us 9 hours. Nine very long hours!  But we got there safely and that's what matters. I thought I was so smart bringing the LeapPads this time (forgot them last time) but the combination of Leapster + mountains = carsickness for one little C.  We live and we learn:)

I packed my suitcase full of the above outfits (plus a few extras) and my new vinyasa scarf from Lulu (upper right corner). I admit my Lulu addiction is growing. Their clothes are so soft that I just can't stop wearing them. My girlfriend gets the credit on the vinyasa discovery, she told me about it and then I stopped by randomly and they were on sale! Can be worn 600 different ways, very fun.

My brother and sister-in-law have 4 precious children and there is nothing sweeter than watching them play together. It is hard to get them to slow down long enough for a picture but I snapped a sweet silhouette of the 5 oldest (little N was on the move so he missed out!).

Me with my sweet mama.

And daddy. This picture is from a previous visit but I can't leave him out. He's so good to me!

And for the sake of throwback Thursday here's a picture I found of me when I was little C's age.  I think we look alike?! Loving my Peter Pan collar and pearls mom, you go;)

There's so much going on right now! We have tons of house projects in progress and I can't wait to finish them, photograph them, and share them.  Living room drapes, pillows, kitchen drapes, and a very cool kitchen project.  We got a new counter depth fridge and Mr. C built it into the cabinets (the fun part is that I'm making a magnetic chalkboard on the side, can't wait to get it done)!

Hopefully now that I'm back I can get something finished! Happy Thursday:)

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comments and encouragement from Tuesday!!


  1. Love mint skinnies!!! I bought some Saturday at the famous Tarjay!!!! Love'em!!!

  2. Cant wait to see all your finished projects!!! Glad you enjoyed time with your parents! It is definitely precious momements and memories! :)

  3. There's nothing better than time with your mama! :)

    Super cute outfits. I too am in love with my Vinyasa scarf (I have the neon pink/white one) but am jealous you got yours on sale!

  4. Love all your outfits! And what a sweet time with family! I'm headed to my parent's house this weekend and I cannot wait! Thanks for sharing with us...can't wait to see all your home projects! Oh and what an adorable little girl you are in that pic! :)

  5. Road trips are the best!! These outfits are adorable.

  6. Love all your outfits! So cute.

    Sounds like you had such a great trip! Love seeing the pic of you as a baby!!

  7. We were not advised to get a counter-depth fridge and should have. Will be interested to hear if you still have plenty of space!

  8. A Peter Pan collar and pearls as a kid? You were way more stylish than me. :) You and your son really do favor. So cute!

  9. So glad you were able to spend time with your family! Love all of your outfits too! You are making me really want to go check out our Lulu store!!;) I can't wait to see all of your home projects, I know they are all going to look great!! Hope you are enjoying your evening!

  10. Glad you had a fun trip and got to spend time with your family! Yay for VA! :)

  11. I love your outfits for your road trip. So cute! My hubby and I just took one (without the kids this time) and it was SO nice!


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  12. You are a trooper traveling 9 hours by yourself with the boys!!! But I am sure it was WELL worth it. I am dying to see all your home projects....hurry up and finish!!! ;)

  13. I need you to come to my house and pick out outfits for me!!

    that silhouette picture is just beautiful!!