I have a new toy.

Say hello to the Garmin Forerunner 210.  I've kicked my Nike+ sportwatch to the curb and traded up. Nike was letting me down.  I loved the look of it but I don't have an extra hour every time I run for it to find a GPS signal, ugh! It was too temperamental.  I headed back to REI and they were happy to exchange it.  I love the Garmin, it fits my wrist better and feels more sturdy, plus it gets much better reviews and I think I can see why. I'll give you an update once I've taken it for a run.

While home in Virginia we stopped into our friend's children's store and my sweet mama got the boys' spring wardrobes. The clothes are SO cute this year, here's a sneak peek..

I haven't had much time to read due to my Downton Abbey addiction but I did recently finish Violets of March by Sarah Jio. I really liked it.  Blackberry Winter is still my favorite of her books but this one was good too, a very quick read. I'm on to The Language of Flowers next, my sister in law is an avid reader and recommended it. Sounds really good!

Speaking of Downton Abbey I must share that Mr. C now likes to eat in the dining room and calls me Ladyship. HA! Now if only he'd hire a butler and a cook.

We enjoyed a wonderful and much needed date night out to our fave restaurant RPR.  My outfit..

{Thank you again Andrea for my necklace, it's a fave!}

For dinner I had a really wonderful glass of wine (and some food of course). I highly recommend Whole Cluster Pinot Noir, very tasty.  And for the record I'm succeeding with my new drinking policy of no week night drinking, only weekends.

On weeknights I'm loving this Pomegranate Italian soda mixed with seltzer. It's really good and such a pretty deep red color. I love a pretty drink.

Both of my babies have started soccer and it's just the cutest thing ever. I have to smile about the fact that having my boys really inspired me to get sporty.  A few years ago if you had shown me a Garmin 210 and said I'd be running half marathons I would have laughed you out of town and called that watch ugly. Trying to introduce them to things and find their talents has made my life so full and also helped me discover things I love. They bring me happiness in so many ways. Seeing them try things and improve fills my heart with joy.

And that is all for now! I'm hoping to finish my little kitchen project tomorrow and get it posted early next week. Crossing my fingers. Happy Tuesday:)


  1. Oh my goodness - I LOVE your date night outfit - so pretty! And that pomegranate soda looks amaze :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Loving everything in this post...The little boy outfits - be still my heart! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Aw, and the ambient joy from your hearts fills mine!

  4. Your watch looks like a total badass on your wrist haha. I need to find more motivation to get out and run and that baby looks like a good one!
    I love that your boys are in soccer! That's by far my favorite sport (other than baseball and thats only because of the hot baseball pants haha). Can't wait for more soccer updates!

  5. I LOVE my Garmin watch [ I think its the 300? ]. It was my college graduation present about 3 years ago and its still working the same. I am slightly OCD about running so this watch is perfect - see I can't run just 3.99 miles, I have to hit 4 miles haha. So this watch really is perfect for me and it's awesome if you are training for a race or want to hit a specific time. Have fun!

  6. Yay!! So glad you are a Garmin girl! You are going to love it! The boys outfits are just precious! So fun!! Love everything about your date night outfit!! Those wedges and peplum top are fabulous!! Yay for soccer too! You are going to love watching them chase the ball and score goals, plus I can't wait to see the amazing photos you snap of them playing!! Hope you have a great Tuesday friend!

  7. Love the wedges!!!! Super Cute!!! and I love my garmin!!! Can't wait to see the kitchen project!

  8. I'm going alcohol free during the week too. It's hard! And, watching your children find their passions is one of the best things about being a mom. You have to try a lot of things to get there sometimes, but it's all worth it. Have fun!

  9. I borrowed my gf's garmin and I'm totally in love, it's awesome! I think I might have to grab one for myself, too (c: And I'm with you, it just makes me so happy to see my kiddos working at building a talent, so cute!

  10. Dear Ladyship, I love your outfits and your new drinking style! Makes me happy! Violets of March was the first of Sarah's books that I read. I'm on Blackberry Winter now. Loving it. : ) And I looooove wines from Wilamette Valley. Delicious.

  11. Love the clothes for the boys! Would love to stumble across that store one day!

  12. Love your outfit! That top is just adorable! You and Mr. C are hilarious! We are hooked on Downton too and now The Husband is drinking hot tea with me. Love it! Can't wait to see some pics of your boys in their new digs! Hope you have a great week!

  13. The outfit! The peplum top is so cute and the color is amazing!