How the week looked


Did I blog every day this week? Surely that's a record.

As I was looking through pictures to share I realized the title of this post should perhaps be "What I have and have not been drinking."  Ha!

Tuesday's latte from Frothy Monkey, a very cool coffee shop....

my girlfriend's had a heart...cute AND delicious....

I tried to *not* drink wine or beer every.single.night this week, just to see if I would live. I did. But I missed it;) Instead I drank this little concoction and it was refreshing. I love mixing Italian soda with seltzer, the perfect amount of fizz and sweet. I normally buy TJ's Italian blood orange soda but this French berry lemonade is good too.  But boy am I ready for a real drink!

I've also started drinking tea (in an effort to cut down on coffee during the day and throw some extra antioxidants into the mix).  Really enjoying this one....

I love looking at pretty things and after popping into Anthro on Tuesday wanted to share this....

on sale for $39, I love it
and this in the front, party in the back, very cute...

Instagram outfit from Tuesday, felt very cute in my new JCrew tee...

a little $5 scarf I picked up at F21....loving navy and soft blues right now...

and that is how this week came and went, my friends.  Here's to a great weekend!!


  1. Mmm love that drink idea. And when you put it in a wine glass, hey, it's like tricking yourself. haha! I have this wine glass that's so big you can fit an entire bottle of wine in it. Sometimes I use it to drink water so I make sure I'm drinking enough...and feel really fancy. I was just thinking yesterday that I didn't have a glass of wine for 2 days in a row...bc I'm sick. Pathetic!

  2. I LOVE me some tea- of all kinds these days :) I love how healthy it makes me think I'm being haha.

  3. Gosh, all of these things you posted, I'm loving too! When I was pregnant, I couldn't have my nightly glass of wine and made a drink very similar to the one you've enjoyed this last week. So good! I loved going to store and mixing up different juices with it. Try adding a slice of lime. I found I liked adding that too.

  4. $5 scarf?! So cute!! I have been trying to drink more tea too...if nothing else it helps keep me warm throughout the day!

  5. Happy weekend! At first I thought you made those lattes and was impressed at your coffee/milk design skills. I'm starting a 10 day cleanse on Monday and am supposed to cut out coffee and wine-we'll see. Those pieces are cute...I need to go pick some up!

  6. Those lattes look amazing!! So does the soda concoction!

  7. No beer or wine at all this week? Wow! ;) I've definitely enjoyed my drinks since James has been born. The other night, I thought I should take a break, but then decided against it. Ha!

    Anthro has a ton of cute stuff right now. I blogged today about a necklace I got there last week. It could be that now that I can fit into my 'real' clothes again, I feel like I need all new stuff!

  8. I'd say it looks like a great week! Love your outfit and scarf! I love little coffee shops and wish we had more down here! Great job on more tea and less wine, now go have yourself a drink as a reward, hehe! Hope you have a great weekend friend!

  9. all I drink is club soda and sometimes I will mix it with lemonade or juice. I need to try it with that Italian soda

    I hope you bought that necklace from Anthro

    Happy weekend

  10. High five for blogging every day! You beat me! And I MUST have a little mommy juice I don't think I would live like you did!! ;) That took some willpower! Have a super weekend, buddy!

  11. I'm instantly thirsty!!!! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  12. i have never been to a place that makes your latte look pretty. love the heart! love the necklace from anthro! xx

  13. Looks like a fantastic week to me! I'm loving that scarf, by the way! Hope this week is going just as well.

  14. That coffee looks amazing and that scarf is adorable! I found your blog through the Michael Kors watch giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you! Happy almost Friday!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. Yum & Pretty! :)

    I could go for one of those gorgeous lattes now!