Living Room inspiration


I'm working on finishing my living room at the moment and I've been hunting down inspiration {aka stalking Pinterest}.  Right now the room has a hide rug that I love, 2 neutral linen chairs, a neutral couch, lamps, and end tables.  Soon to be additions: a piano (family heirloom), new pillow covers, drapes, and artwork. I love elements of each of these rooms and basically want the room to feel both stylish and cozy. I tend to be too matchy matchy and I'm trying to break that habit.

I love this fabric for a lumbar pillow....

inspired by the fabric in this Tobi Fairley sort of speaks to me...

but I'm stuck here.  I thought I had decided on coordinating fabrics but I'm second guessing myself.  I hope I can pull something together, I keep changing my mind and I'm struggling!


  1. I have all the faith in the world that whatever you do it will turn out fabulous!! If your furniture is neutral then I would get a wild print for pillows and really bright art work. I cannot wait to see the finished room!!

  2. gorgeous, love these ideas!!! So beautiful but so comfortable and home-y too!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  3. Great inspiration pics! Go with your gut- pic curtain fabric and then change up the pillow fabric- they're the easiest to change:)

  4. These are all so pretty. I love the chairs in the last picture.

  5. You will choose just the right fabrics and pieces, I'm sure of it! I love the fabric you found for the lumbar pillow, very pretty!! Hope you had a great day friend!