Weekend + Life Lately


Happy Monday! Let's go with bullets today shall we?

  • We got in some really good family time this weekend.  It was low key, unplanned, and normal.  I had a great run on Saturday (8 miles!), ran some errands, spent time with Mr. C, and played with the kiddos.  We went to church on Sunday, had lunch with dear friends, and just did normal 'good for the soul' stuff.  I love normal life:)
  • Disclaimer: some of these photos are not from this weekend.
  • The collage:
    • OOTD - I broke out the army green skinnies I've been ignoring.  I needed a change!
    • Mr. C and littlest C are identical twins (chowing down on Greek food). They look so much alike!
    • New outside lights to replace reeeaaaally ugly, outdated gold ones. I'm wondering why it took us so long to do this?
    • Advance Auto Parts, my husband's way of punishing me for shopping too much. He has a '65 Mustang that is a perpetual project.
    • This was on Lauran's instagram feed and it made me laugh out loud.  Read her blog, it's so fun!
    • Rainy day paint by numbers, my children are so talented:)
    • The boys wrestling (or rather, wraaastling) in the bounce house. It's really just a giant boxing ring.
    • Little C's static hair.
    • My sweeties.
Short and sweet today!  Have a happy day!


  1. Love the green skinnies! And paint by numbers sounds awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Great Run and pretty light fixtures!! Hoping to get in some good runs this week, 60+ degrees!!!!

  3. Love the new lights! Isn't it crazy how one simple change can make such a difference!?

  4. Awww thank you for the shout-out my dear!!!! <3 I am in love with those light fixures! Look like you had a perfectly blissful weekend!!

  5. just came across your blog--super cute. love the gallery wraps your posted a few posts back. really cute!

  6. I would have died if Ross took me to the auto parts store...that is like a nightmare to me!! LOL! And look at that static!!! LOL! They melt my heart every time I see them on your blog. Have a great week, lovey!

  7. So cute! Looks like a perfect weekend! Your boys are the absolute cutest!

  8. Awww! Looks like a great weekend! Our weekend was similar...down right normal which I love! Your boys are just precious and I love that you get to spend so much time with them. I hear they grow up so fast! I hope you have a great week...is it Friday yet? :)

  9. What a wonderful & relaxing weekend! Mr C and Little C do look so much alike! :) Love your new outdoor lights! I also love their painting shirts, great idea :)