Awards and thank you's!


Shooo goodness, I've got some catching up to do!

I have some wonderful blog friends who have passed these awards along to me and I'd better get crackin' on answering up.

First, the shout outs.  Thanks to:
Lauran who writes at The Real Young Housewife of Southern Va. I came across her blog and we became fast friends after realizing we share the same alma mater (Old Dominion U!) and we're Virginia girls.   

Jennifer from Party of One. She nominated me for an award too a while back and I owe her a long overdue thank you!  I read her blog daily and you should too.

Valerie from Wine And Summer.  She has a superfun lifestyle blog that I also read daily.  Yes, these gals make me feel old, but age is just a number;)

Let me also say this; I love how blogging is such a fun supportive community and I love the friendships that have developed from it.  Phew, okay, let's get down to business!

Some rules:
The award is an honor bestowed from  one blogger to another to recognize their writing and give them a shout-out. It must go to an "up-and-coming" blog, with fewer than 200 followers. Thank you again to Lauran and Jennifer and Valerie

Of course with most Blog Awards there are rules...

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them.
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and tag them in your post.
4. Tell them you've tagged them.
5. Answer 11 questions the tagger as asked you, and give 11 questions to the people you've tagged.
6. No tag backs.

Okay--Ready? 11 Random facts about me:

1.  I don't like facebook.  I do have an account solely because I needed it for Pinterest (HA!).  Am I old? It gives me the creeps.  I don't do it.

2.  I've lived in 5 states.  Originally from a smaaaall town in southern Virginia, I have also lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and now the great state of Tennessee.

3.  I was a nurse before my babies were born. If you get hit by a bus, I know what to do.

4.  I always wanted to be a blonde. I dyed my hair blonde when I lived in North Carolina but I looked weird.  Back to brunette.

5.  I'm terrified of flying.  I tremble and cry when I get on planes.  It's embarrassing but uncontrollable.

6.  I love Duke basketball.  HUGE fan.  College basketball is to me what football is to the rest of the world.  Go Devils!

7.  I'm 4.5 years older than my sweet husband.  Does that make me a cougar?

8.  My nickname is Rain Man because of my weird ability to solve puzzles in the game of Cranium.

9.  I love dressing up for Halloween!

10. Huge fan of hair bands, specifically Def Leppard and Poison.

11. I can't live without coffee or chocolate.

Eleven Questions to answer: (Hang in there friends..)

1.What is your full time occupation?
I'm a former nurse and now a stay at home mama.

2. How did you get to the place/location where you currently live?
Mr. C took a new position within his wonderful company.

3. What is one thing from your childhood you miss the most?
The lack of responsibility:) Just being carefree and worry free.

4. Do you have allergies? if so, to what?
Yes, I'm allergic to mean people.

5. What is the best feeling in the world to you?
Laughing with my family and friends; also, being near the ocean, it fills me with peace (deep, right?).

6. What kind of person were you in high school?
I was reeeaaally shy but had a great group of friends and was never late with homework, not once.

7. Are you doing what you love with your life?
Yes! I always wanted to be a mom.  Becoming a nurse certainly made me feel accomplished, but I've always wanted a family and to be a great mom.  My mother struggled for years to have children and I had a fear that it may not be easy for me either.  I feel incredibly blessed to have my boys and I appreciate every single day.

8. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as classic with a little flair.  I'm pretty casual and there's nothing I love more than a great t-shirt, jeans, and a scarf.  Too bad it's 600 degrees here!

9. Do you have MAC or a PC?
PC (but wouldn't I love to have an Apple..)

10. Do you follow college football? If so, who is your team?!
Oh dear, here's where I admit that I live in Tennessee and don't really follow football, what??!!!?? I can definitely appreciate team spirit and tailgating though, we're going to give those a go this fall!

11. What is your favorite season and why?
Absolutely without a doubt it's fall.  I love it because I can live in jeans, the humidity is typically gone, and I love the crisp fall air.  Love! Love love love!

One more set of questions from Valerie...

So for my 11 questions, we are going to play the "Or" game

1. Coke or Pepsi? 
Coke all the way!!
2. Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte? 
Ryan Lochte, no question;)

3. Early Bird or Night Owl?
Early bird post children, night owl pre-children

4. Salty or Sweet?
Love them together!

5. Beer or Wine?
BOTH! depends on the day, most often wine but my good friends know I love me a cold beer

6. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Edward 100%

7. Eric Northman or Bill Compton?
Eric Northman

8. Dogs or Cats?

9. Heels or Flats?
oooh, I love wearing heels but am in flats most of the time!

10. Country or City?
I'm a country girl (but really love city shopping:)

11. Winter or Summer?
Summer! are some blogs I love to read.  If you've been nominated before, you're off the hook, just know that I like ya;)

1.  blonde ambitions ( I know you've been nominated but I had to include you my friend:)
2.  Social Sara
3.  LaLa Land
4.  A Beautiful Life
5.  Lemon Petals
6.  Catie's Chaos
7.  Welcome to Nathalieland
9.  Life as a Lankford
10.  The Niemeyer Nest
11.  A Happy Wife in NOLA

I'm letting you off the hook with questions; 11 fun facts is enough:)

Annnnnnd I'm officially done! There's way more information than you ever wanted to know:) Y'all have a fun Saturday.


  1. I was clicking through blogger to see if maybe you posted today and sure enough I got lucky!! Thanks my friend for including me :) We have so many of the same answers! Hope you are having fun with your parents. I know you are going to capture some beautiful moments with your camera! I will post all of my answers next week. Enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine for me!

  2. I was tagged several weeks ago, started the post, and stopped. Thanks for the motivation (kick in the pants) to finish it up! I knew you were from VA but I had no idea you went to ODU. Hoping to start my Master's there next fall!

  3. Thanks for the award! Will get to work on my 11 things...

  4. Awesome answers!!!!! loved learning even more about you!!!!