Things that make me say Yay!


Is it Thursday already? I'm so glad.

Do y'all do Groopdealz?  This chevron clutch was on there for $22 yesterday. I love it.  Yay for cute purses.

Get it here.

My sweet friend brought me these yesterday!  Yay!  She makes them and they rock.  I am a happy girl with some cute new hair ties.

And guess what friends? Remember here when I shared that "swings" photo of my son in a contest at Ni Hao Y'all?  I'm not kidding, I WON!  I've never even won a candy bar, much less something that means so much to me.  I am so flattered that Stefanie chose my photo because I am always inspired by her photography.  A great big virtual hug to you Stefanie for making me feel like there might be a shred of talent in this body.  And congrats to her also for making the I Heart Faces top 10 this week. If you want to learn about photography, her blog is a great resource.  Here's my new blog swag...

Ni Hao Yall

I'm reading this book via Christina's recommendation.  

I'm not done yet but I can tell you that this will be one of my all time favorite books.  Amazing story and wonderful writing.  Love love love.  Yay for great books!

Happy Thursday to you.


  1. I need a new book to read! May have to pick it up! That clutch is adorbs and I am going to review that photog website as I need some serious help in that part of my blog world!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on winning!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to you my friend!! You capture such amazing moments and I am so glad others are seeing that as well! Thanks for sharing her site as well, I am always trying to learn how to be a better photographer. I get the Groopdealz emails as well and they have been featuring some great items. That clutch is very cute! They have also had some great statement necklaces. I haven't broken down and bought anything yet...kicking myself a little for that :) Have a great Thursday!

  3. 1. I am signing up for Groopdealz right now. 2. I need some of those hair ties! I bet they don't leave an awful crease in your hair. 3. CONGRATS!! That's so awesome that you won the photo contest. 4. So glad you're reading that book. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  4. those clutches are great, i have to look at my groopdealz more closely because i didn't realize they were being sold yesterday and i am interested in reading that book now

  5. well of course you won, it was fabulous!! I hope you got that clutch because now I am lusting for that one. Those hair ties are the best, I did an entire post about them a couple of months ago!

    I know, seriously a black towel to remove make up...brilliant yet duh why didn't I think of that:)

  6. That is so great that you won!!! I told you that you should enter it! Glad you listen so well! ;) You totally deserve it!! That picture is nothing but AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

  7. OH my gosh- signing up for that GroopDealz right now. Those clutches are AWESOME. Also, LOVE the hair ties...I'm on a mission to make some like that as soon as I get my act together ;)

    So happy you won! It was so very well deserved. Super happy for your, Courtney!

  8. Congratulations on winning the contest!! Your photos are really great! You an inspiration for me!
    My book club read that book and we went to hear the author speak at the local library - she comes from here. I like her books!