Random nonsense


I got these shorts at Old Navy and I wear them all the time. Someone stop me!

I wore gray/orange/cheetah to lunch with the hubs yesterday and he commented on how "groovy" it was.  Hehe.

The other night at pre-school open house my good pal (who spends WAY more on purses than I do) thought my bag was the Red Valentino she's been thinking of buying.  I laughed out loud and gave myself away.  Mine was $30 Jessica Simpson clearance, not $500.  They do favor and of course now I love my bag even more.
The steal...

vs the real deal...

I put Pinterest to use this week and used an idea I pinned. For my nephew's birthday (he lives far away:(, we shipped him a box of balloons filled with money.  He has to pop them all to get it out.  

I think it's a super cute idea and I hope he loves it!

Love these blouses from Loft, want them...

Last but not least, we've been snacking on Pirate's Booty lately and it's so addictive... Who needs fresh fruit? (kidding:)

I've always loved cheese puffs but I'd never heard it called Pirate's Booty until recently.  What a weird name.  Oh well, it's yummy!

Happy Wednesday friends:)


  1. You know how much I love your random posts!! They are my absolute favorite! I adore those ON shorts and think you should wear them every as much as possible! Love the yellow/grey/cheetah and love your husband's comment even more! Those husbands can surprise us sometimes :) Your purse does look like the Valentino bag, great deal on yours! Of course I love those Loft tops as well! That store gets way too much of my $$. That is a great idea about shipping the balloons with money, he is going to love it! Lastly, I saw the Pirate's Booty at the store this week and had no idea if it would be any good and now hearing it from you I think I need to pick some up! That concludes my book :) Have a great day Courtney!!

  2. Girl, I love those shorts! I wanted them but they were sold out at the bold navy I went to lasts week, like I need another stitch of summer clothing! Love love loving the balloon idea- totally stealing it!

  3. I love random posts...I want those old navy shorts every time I see you wear them!!

    I saw that idea on pinterest and I love it too, I should do that for my niece/god daughter in a couple of weeks for her b-day

    We are so addicted to Piraty booty too.Yumm!!

  4. I love those shorts!! The balloon idea is adorable...what a fun way to send a little party to someone far away!

  5. I LOVE that balloon idea! I'm sure any kid would be thrilled to receive that. Also, how great is it when someone thinks your bag is far more expensive than it actually is?! I had a bag a few years ago that constantly got mistaken for Valentino, and it was actually like $60 from Arden B. It makes you feel like you've outsmarted everyone ;)

  6. Those shorts are too cute and you should wear the heck out of them! Love the lunch outfit too and your husband's comment made me laugh! What a fun pintrest idea! You will have to let us know what the reaction was. I'm sure he will love it! Have a great Wednesday! :)

  7. My mum use to do the balloon idea for any one who lived out of state. My 21 year old cousin still talks about how much he loved getting the balloons! Love the outfits you paired with those shorts! xo

  8. I tried to buy those ON shorts but they didn't have my size! Boo. Where did you get the heart top? I love it! I love the purse too. Such a fun present for your nephew. He's going to love it. I'm hoping LOFT has another sale very soon!

  9. I want the shorts!!! I want to play with the balloons! I need that purse! And now Im craving Pirates Booty! hehe! Love the post today my dear! Happy Wednesday! And seriously stop being so darn cute! ;)

  10. You look so cute!! I would totally wear those all the time too!! :)

  11. I am NOT going to be the one who is gonna stop you from wearing those shorts!!! Love them. And guess what? I am wearing that heart sweater RIGHT NOW!!! Gosh, why can't we live closer??? And your purse is a clone of the $500 one...I want to pop balloons with $$$$$$$! Send me some! Please....thank you!

  12. Um not even going to stop you from wearing those shorts- they are adorable!! Loving your outfits- as always- and that purse is gorgeous.

    Great birthday idea too!!! I'm sure he'll love it! Popping balloons and money?! What's not to like?! :)

  13. Those shorts are so cute, I couldn't dream of telling you to not wear them! Loving the heart sweater too!

  14. i love first outfit :):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)