Tuesday randoms


I wore my sunshine pants the other night with a cute sparkly top from Loft.

These are delicious.  They remind me of the cheesy pretzelly taste of combos, which I love but try not to eat because I finish a bag once it's open.  I'm hoping these are the slightest bit better for me.  Warning: they're a little spicy.

If you're a Hudson fan (I am) Haute Look has them for $99 through tomorrow. I'm frugal about most things but I'll invest in good denim (except for the colorful denim, I go cheap on that because they won't be in style forever).  Faves: collin flap skinny and signature bootcut
Could not help but laugh when I passed by this display at Home Depot.  Paging Christian Grey.  They even have neon cable ties, weird! I'll never look at cable ties the same way again.

When we went back to the fair with my parents I finally got to ride the Cyclops, woo hoo!  I was too scared last year, then I was ready for it this year and they wouldn't let me ride because of my sandals.  I came back prepared though;  mission accomplished! It was as awesome as I knew it would be.  I had to ride by myself because Mr. C was a big chicken;) Kidding honey.

And finally, how cute is the hubs in critter shorts? I'd better cook a good dinner tonight after this post..

Happy Tuesday:)


  1. you two are the best dressed couple for sure!! Love the critter shorts and your yellow jeans

  2. Love your sunshine pants! And chipotle cheddar? What an awesome combo :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. First, love your sunshine pants! Second, those pretzel crisps looks amazing! Third, so proud of you for going on that ride! It looks scary! Finally, loving Mr C's critter shorts! I always love your random post, filled with such goodies! Have a great Tuesday friend!

  4. Cuuuuuuute yellow pants. I love those pretzel chips! I just tried the jalapeno flavor the other day and loved them! Cable ties? Ouch.

  5. I love your sunshine pants! Your outfit is so pretty :)

  6. You are so cute!!! Yellow makes me happy!!!!

  7. Tell me more about those jeans! I've never heard of them but in desperate need of finding good denim! My hubby has critter shorts too :) And I'm loving that cable tie post! Goodness I need to get that book back from my Aunt! I want to reread it!

  8. Love the sunshine pants! Your hubs can rock the critter pants!!!

  9. oh my goodness, adore your jeans. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report and my big news regarding Lauren Conrad. xo