A very Nashville weekend


We had an action packed weekend, y'all, so fun, and it ended with some serious excitement!

Friday night Mr. C's parents arrived and we headed out for our usual Friday night Italian. I think it's funny that when they come to visit (fresh off the plane from New York) the first place we always take them is to a New York pizzeria. We love our little spot though and we indulged in some yummy desserts too. No calorie counting on weekends:)

Saturday we had a day full of soccer with my favorite boys and then headed off to a great dinner followed by tickets to the Opry. Performing: Diamond Rio, Charlie Pride, Vince Gill, and Billy Ray Cyrus along with a few beginners. We love the Opry, it's always fun and I just looooove live music. This was the second time in one week we've seen Vince (*much* better seats this time).

I've been a fan of Vince for 20 years (really!) and in the spirit of laughing at oneself I have to show the first time I met him (holy sequins and big hair)...HA!

I was 17, had just won a local pageant (I entered it to make my daddy happy, first and last one I ever did), but I got to meet him. He was *so* kind to me and I never forgot it. He holds a special place in my heart! His voice is still like velvet too, he's so talented.

Sunday we headed off to Opryland Hotel to pretend we were tourists. We wandered around, looked in shops, and had a great lunch. Mr. C had a raspberry mocktail that really made an impression on me, it was so good I can't stop thinking about it. Club soda, a fresh raspberry simple syrup, and mint. Pretty and yummy.

I also squeezed in some shopping at Lululemon with a giftcard my mother in law surprised me with...how cute are buffalo checked shorts? Thank you L!!

Monday I dropped the fam off at the airport, only to receive this text...my mother-in-law hanging out with Billy Ray at the terminal! They got bumped from their flight and ended up on his, how about that! Check out his new do, I like it. I know he gets picked on a lot but he was fantastic live and very gracious. I'm a fan!

She even got me an autograph! Ha! I'm so easily starstruck.

It was a veeerrry Nashville weekend!


  1. Ahhh this makes me want to come do tourist things in Nashville even more!
    I am dying over that picture of you haha- I love it!! The sequins and big hair are a classic ;)
    It's so awesome to hear how nice Vince Gill is in person! I always fall in love with celebs even more when I hear those things!
    So glad you had such a great weekend, friend!

  2. What a PERFECT weekend! I want to vacation to Nashville someday! Our very good friends are getting ready to move to Nashville within the year to open a bridal store.... it looks like they are going to have so much fun living there!! And we are going to have to go visit a lot ;)

  3. How awesome!!!! I am easily star struck too!!! I love the Opryland Hotel. Where is there a Lulu at in Nashville?

  4. Oh how awesome! And I love those Lulu goodies!

  5. So very Nashville, I love it!!

  6. I LOVE those shorts. Checking lulu out now!

  7. What a fun weekend! Love the sweet family picture and the boys' matching stripes.

  8. What a great weekend!! All of this country music and lulu lemon make me so happy!! It looks like you had a great weekend with your in-laws!!

  9. How fun! You never know who you will meet at the Nashville Airport!! Gotta love this town!

  10. Ah what a fun weekend! Love the pics...especially from your pageant!

  11. That pageant picture is perfection!!! Wish I were with you all this past weekend ~

  12. How much fun! A former pageant girl myself, I totally appreciate the pageant pic! ;)
    Glad you had a great weekend. You look darling as always! Hope your week is going well.