The week in Instagram


Just a few snippets from the week...
Dress up days at school were fun and my little man was more than happy to be a cowboy.
My 4 year old wanted to wear his hat sideways and when I asked why he replied, "That's how they do it on car TV. Daddy lets me watch it." Daddy is grounded!
The pic of Mr. C and I is actually from dinner last week.

An OOTD from Thursday.
An upcoming project involving a giant block monogram, stay tuned!
Flowers in a mason jar will always bring out a smile.

Got my bib and ready for Saturday's half:)
What I'll be sporting.. I love the Lulu arm warmers (sadly this cute outfit will likely be covered by a throw away sweatshirt and trash bag due to RAIN!)
Bracelets the runners will be wearing to honor Boston.

As I mentioned, it's supposed to be pouring rain on Saturday and I don't really enjoy running in the rain but I'm keeping my attitude positive:) I'm excited that this is the first race Mr. C and I have done together and yay for my mama coming to visit!!

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Cuuuuute running outfit! I'm so excited for you and your race!

  2. oh, girl...i really hate running in the rain. i do love that running outfit though ;) and of course i can't wait to see what you're doing with that big monogram!

  3. Good luck on your first run together this weekend! I hope the rain stays away long enough for you to finish :)
    That picture of you and the Mr is too cute!
    Happy weekend, pretty friend!!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the race! Thinking of bumping my first from the September Color Run to a June Esprit de She. Yikes!

  5. The boys are too cute and I LOVE that statement pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I hope your run went well. Your boys are the cutest!

  7. Cant wait to read your recap!!! You had an awesome time!

  8. Hope your run went well! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  9. You are too cute! Hope everything went well on Saturday. Looking forward to the recap!

  10. The picture of C in the cowboy hat is just precious!! I love it! Your necklace and running outift are adorable as well! So glad the race went well despite the weather!