Friday Hodge Podge


Do you see a trend? I couldn't get enough yellow this week because it has been raining non stop! And gray! And cold!! And it's April!! I had to wear my winter coat this week for Pete's sake. So I'm making my own sunshine.

I also picked up a pair of Brooks Ravenna 4's this week. My Mizuno Wave Inspire's wore down quickly and I'm having a lot of pain in the ball of my foot and my toes.  I headed back to FleetFeet and we're going to try Brooks. So far, Nike Frees didn't cut it, New Balance nearly killed me, and I loved my Mizunos but shouldn't be having toe/foot pain? My guy says my gait is fine (maybe the slightest bit forward) so we're hoping a tweak in the shoe will help. Wow, getting old is for the birds. I have a good feeling about these Brooks though, I hope these are the ones for me. I'm trying to get all the kinks worked out before official marathon training starts!

This weekend I'm running the Willpower 5K.

It's for a really amazing kid (and a close friend of one of my boys' teachers) who has been through a lot -- his story is here and I'm so happy to run his race.  Reason #759 that I love running; being a part of something that matters.

My sister-in-law has introduced me to a few new (to me) blogs to love on, one of which is Kumquat. How good do these coconut donuts look? Lots of great gluten free recipes.
Kumquat blog
Thank y'all for your sweet comments about my living room -- wish I could have you all over for coffee!

Next up is my bedroom with this inspiration:

Nine and Sixteen blog
Did I mention I signed someone up for Kindergarten this week?

Always my baby.

Okay, done crying!

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  1. LOVE the yellow pants & chambray - so cute! And the boys under that frog umbrella is so freaking adorable :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Loving all that yellow! :) I'm with you on the shoes; Brooks ended up being the best shoe for me. I have a pair of Nike Frees that I love to putz around in, but I can barely walk a half mile to Starbucks in them without feeling some pain the next day. How ridiculous. Brooks, though, got me through two marathons (not the same shoes, obviously ;)

  3. Loving all the Spring yellow! Is it weird that I now want that froggy umbralla? Adorable.

  4. Can you come pick out my outfits for the week? Love all the yellow!

  5. Aw! Sweet baby pics :). If the Brooks don't do the trick, try Asics. I'm a Mizuno and Asics girl. If you liked the Mizuno, Asics kinda feel the same as far as arch and fit but have a diff kind of cushion.

  6. Love those outfits! You always look so cute!

  7. Oh my gosh...I can't even imagine signing Charlie up for seems like a million years away (only 2) but I know it will be here before I know it!!

    Also loving the yellow trend you have going on!

  8. Your outfits always look so great!! I'm loving all of the colored denim, leopard & TB! I go between my Brooks and Mizunos now and love them both. I am due for a new pair though as they are both pretty worn down. You will have to let me know what you think of your new kicks! :) I can't believe baby C is already going to Kindergarten! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Sending some warm weather and sunny days your way!

  9. Love all your outfits! Creating your own sunshine is a great idea! Definitely checking out the blog you mentioned. Those doughnuts look delish! Can't believe your baby is headed to kindergarten soon. Here's hoping it's an easy transition for all. Can't wait to see your bedroom...catching up on your living room post now!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  10. Love your outfits - always. Your posts are so great!