Random Thursday


My sister in law has a special birthday today -- the BIG 3-0 -- Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah! This is your year!

I saw this recipe for Chocolate Lasagna on Hungry Runner Girl and I can't stop thinking about it..

Photo & recipe via CenterCutCook.com
I wandered into JCrew Factory last week and they were having 50% off of the entire store. I picked up this faded chambray shirt that I love.. I'm obsessed with the popover shirts. I wanted a boat load of other items but I was a good girl and didn't buy it all.

find here
Finally got in a good long run yesterday. My training is out of whack because of all our sickness.

We've been eating more salmon lately and this recipe with miso paste is easy and foolproof..2 TBSP of each; red miso paste, brown sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. Whisk together, spread it onto the salmon and bake, so quick and yummy! Original recipe here (I replaced sake with mirin). P.S. A bottle of wine jumped into the picture, it's a red blend called Drops of Jupiter (I believe the company is partly owned by the band Train) and it's really good;)

Happy almost Friday:)


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister in law and chocolate lasagna, oh heavens.

  2. Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah! Love your denim top and that chocolate lasagna looks delicious! I am always so impressed with your runs! Hopefully I can get my pace closer to yours one day!! :) Happy Thursday!

  3. Holy dear goodness that chocolate lassagna looks like heaven!!!! Glad you got a long run in!

  4. Happy Birthday to Sarah!

    A chocolate lasagna?!?! I'm almost mad at you for showing me this ;-) (Just pinned it)

    And oh how I love my chambray shirt. This one is really cute.

  5. Oh thank you for the shout out!! One birthday candle for that choco-sagna please:)

  6. OK I have to comment on yesterdays post, your living room is amazing!! you are so a decorator, I want you to come to my house and help me!! I saw that chocolate lasagna and did not repin it because I was afraid I would make then eat it!!

  7. We're big salmon eaters over here, so thank you for sharing that recipe! I'll have to try it. Also loving the lighter color of that chambray!

  8. Happy Birthday, Aunt Sarah! OMG...that chocolate dessert...looks divine!