Big Boy Room Plans


I am a tad indecisive.  We have lived in this house (our favorite home to date after 3 moves) for 2 years and I have still not finished my boys' rooms.  I have painted them (each) 3 different times, 3 different shades of blue, all by myself.  It's a lot of work and it is time for me to make up my mind and finish these rooms!

This picture on Pinterest was my inspiration.  I'm ready to commit - I love the checks!

The boys have a Jack and Jill bath that connects their rooms.  Y'all know I dress them alike daily and I admit it, I want their rooms to be similar as well, especially since they are connected.  So far thankfully, they are happy to let me set the tone and add their own little personal touches.  So here's the plan!
What I have:  The smartest thing I did so far was purchase white bedding.  I originally bought a TON of polka fabric (and it wasn't cheap), made duvet covers myself (I can sew), but then realized I just wasn't happy with them.  One room has less light than the other and my 3 year old's room looked dreary.  So I found simple white bedding with navy piping from Lands' End and had circle monograms done (also in navy) on the pillows.  I love it and it allows me to make simple changes easily without needing to dismantle the whole room.

I ordered the check fabric (have already gotten it and it's *so* cute) and am making Euro shams to add a little pizzazz to the white bedding.  My oldest son has a red book shelf in his room (that was in my room when I was little) and I'm going to paint it navy instead.  I love the "brother" artwork (planning to DIY that and put it in the Jack & Jill bath).  The simple navy lamp is from Potterybarn Kids.  The big monogram is made with palette wood and I plan to hang that over each boy's bed.  Mr. C has lots of palettes at work so he's going to put together some boards for me and I'm going to get my DIY on and create that monogram (in tan/ivory/navy paint colors). Since I'm leaving the walls a pale blue (rhythmic blue by Sherwin Williams, identical to the color behind the navy bookshelf in the collage), I think I can get this done in a timely manner!  Possibly by Christmas, crossing my fingers:)


  1. I think the checks are perfect! Love the look :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I have been working on Matt's room since August, I ordered new furniture and that took forever so I kind of lost my mojo because I am still waiting for 1 last piece to come in!!

    In addition to being a photographer you need to do interior design as well!!

  3. Great palette- the built in bookshelf idea (with window seat) is pretty awesome as well.. sounds like a perfect weekend visit. We'll hit up the shoe stores, the boys can stay home and build the shelf :)

  4. Love! I love to decorate a room :) The white bedding is definitely the best move. We have white bedding in our bedrooms here, although I recently switched to cream and gray for the master and I hate it. I miss my white! Molly's room, though, is white bedding with pops of pink. Even the nursery has white bedding!

    I'm impressed with your DIY skills - sewing? The monogram art? I might need to hire you out.

    Can't wait to see the final reveal.

  5. Courtney, I am in love with this plan from head to toe! I love the monogram palette...such a classy touch and a fun DIY! Navy and white are two of my fave combos. I did our master in those colors and I love it...very nautical! :) The brother artwork is great and will be a nice reminder, especially as the boys get older. Did you get the white bedding recently? I am in search of some now! Can't wait to see the finished rooms! :)

  6. Your boys and I have almost the exact same pillowcases, ha!! Mine have grey stitching though. So funny.

  7. Love the crispness of the white bedding, monogram and artwork! Navy & white are such a great classic combination! Great job!!

  8. You sew? No you even more now. I need lessons...please move to Texas! ;) And I love the inspiration you have put together!!! That little sign about being a brother is better than a super hero melted my heart!! You have to recreate this!!

  9. Love this plan! I think the red book shelf would work even if you don't paint it! Can't wait to see it!