Thoughts for Friday


It has been a busy but wonderful week here!  We have a fun weekend planned with a few birthday parties that promise to be exciting for both the adults (time with our awesome friends) and the kids (pony rides!). I'm also going to make this dessert that my friend recently made for our bible study.  Simple pumpkin cheesecake trifles--YUM! Seriously delicious, no baking required, adorable presentation.

Photo and recipe via My Baking Addiction
When I shot the kids photos this week, I realized I was running short on jokes (not good!).  I found these kid friendly ones on Pinterest that I'm adding to my arsenal.  My boys LOVE jokes! Here's a snippet (this joke made me laugh out loud)

What did zero say to eight?
Nice belt!
Danielle from Mommy and Me Book Club
Where do sheep get their wool cut?
At the BAAAbars!
Deborah from Learn With Play At Home

How did the barber win the race?  
  -He knew a short cut.

I wore a Pinterest outfit this week. I dearly love my Madewell shirt; super versatile!
I love this.

More  pinspiration.
And for my friends...I have amazing friends who bring SO much joy to my heart!! I'm so grateful.

Via Pinterest
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Preeeeeety outfit! I love your new layout. It's so clean and feminine! I would love a margarita in a few hours. Happy weekend!!

  2. Haha I personally love kid friendly jokes. I have a very simple sense of humor. Here's one that makes me die laughing no matter how many times I hear it and even when I'm telling it...

    What does a nosy pepper do?
    Get's jalapeno yo' business!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. great job on the outfit!!

    Here is the joke my 13 year old told on Halloween...

    Matthew- Why did Shelly fall off the swing??

    Me- I don't know, why

    Matthew-She didn't have any arms..

    Matthew- knock knock

    Me- who's there

    Matthew- Not Shelly

    ha ha, so bad but it made me laugh!!

  4. Great thoughts for Friday! The jokes are too cute and I am loving your outfit! I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend! :)

  5. Love the outfit!!! Super Cute!!!!

  6. Love your outfit! Don't get me started on that looks so delicious!

  7. That pumpkin trifle looks amazing. And the recipe looks so simple! Have a great weekend!!

  8. High five on the Pinterest it. I need that top...a longer one to go along with my bad habits of chambray! I pinned that last quote of my faves! have fun at the parties this weekend! Much love and hugs!

  9. Such a PINtastic post! I'd like to eat that pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast!

  10. Loves those outfits! So cute! I need a top like that and then I can rock it too!

    Those jokes are great! Nothing like a cheesy pun.

  11. Oh my gosh, love the jokes and love the outfit!! x

  12. Love your outfit! The red pants are fabulous!

  13. Love these jokes! :) Hope the parties and evening with friends went well! Can't wait to see your pictures! I love your Pinterest outfit! Great job! I think I might need to get that MadeWell top and follow your lead :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend!