Weekend Update: fall festivities


My friends, here we are again! The 'fast forward' button is still pressed and these fall days go by like a blur. Nonetheless, we had such a busy and fun weekend--hope you did too:)

Some pics. First, OOTD's.

My furry vest is a fall favorite and I wear it so much I'll bet people are tired of looking at it.  And my boots (recent TJ Maxx find you may recall); I refuse to take them off of my feet except to shower.

My ON shirt; I love it.  Heading back for another color.

My precious cowboys.  We had a birthday party this weekend and it was so much fun.  My 5 year old refused to ride the pony (he felt the pony was too tall, ha!) but my 3 year old gave it a try.  We've been to a couple of fabulous birthday parties lately at friends' homes and they are so much fun.  I think I may try to be brave next year and have a birthday party at our house for the first time?! I'm inspired! Clearly I'm renting the pony.

I had coffee with Bailey's on Saturday evening (after the birthday party and dinner with friends), biscotti, and attempted to read my book.  It was so relaxing.  This book is not my cup of tea and I hope I can finish it soon to end the misery.  (It's Pictures of You and I just don't love the characters but I also can't put it down because I'm halfway finished.)

Some playground time; the leaves are amazing, I wish they could stay this way a little while longer.

The hubs made me a yummy breakfast; avocado, fried egg and ham on toast.  Delish.

And I couldn't resist this reality check.  I've had a few emails about my hair (bless your hearts, you must be trying to make me feel good;) and my routine is simple.  I just blow dry, then use velcro rollers (I roll the middle straight back, the sides straight down).  My hair cannot handle a flat iron, it starts smoking then falls off. Not good! Pay no attention to my unclean laundry room as it cries out for help.

Coming up this week (hopefully):  big boy room plans, living room update, and probably something random.

Happy Monday!  What've y'all been up to?

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  1. What a great weekend friend! Lets start from the beginning :) I LOVED chatting with you!! I can't wait to talk again! You are so sweet and a trip to Atlanta where you, Sara & I can spend a weekend together is definitely going to get planned :) I wish you lived closer so we could share closets! I am searching for a fur vest and am also needing to go to ON! Maybe that can happen this week. Your little cowboys are too cute & the playground pics are such sweet momentos to remember the Fall season. What a good hubby, points for Mr C for sure! I love your hair roller picture too! I also had wondered how your hair always looks like perfection!! Have a wonderful day friend!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. I love all of your outfits - you're the cutest! I cannot believe you found those boots at TJ Maxx. I never find anything good while I am in there store. Maybe i`ll have to go this week and hope for the best. xx

  3. What a great weekend! I love all your outfits and it looks like the boys had so much fun at the party!!

  4. I've been eating a pretty similar breakfast. Avocado on toast is just perfect. So satisfying. WHERE did you get your fur vest? I've been looking for one and that one is just what I need!

  5. ooh courtney i love your outfits!! i want a furry vest now off to tj maxx, thank goodness for a day off today to go shopping!! heheh

  6. Love your fur vest! I know what you mean...I wear mine all the time too. I know for a fact the husband is tired of seeing it! Hahaha! Loving the ON shirt too...may have to stop by there on my way home! Your boys are just precious. I love that your 3yo was brave and tried a pony ride! What a great pic from the playground and that breakfast?!? My hubby could take some lessons from yours! :)Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

  7. First outfit is my all-time fave of yours!!! I will gladly take that vest off of your hands if you ever get tired of it. :) The hair roller picture seriously just made my day...way to keep it real....for real!!! Love ya!

  8. Lovin the outfit!!!! And I will have to try fixing my hair like that!!

  9. Smoking hair! NOT GOOD! ;) Loving that fur vest! Eek!

  10. I need to learn how to use rollers, instead I wear my hair in a bun 99.9% of the time. Jealous of your pretty hair! That picture of your little guy swinging melts my heart. And I LOVE the plans for the boys' rooms. My boys are going to share in our next move and I am already dreaming of how their room will look.