Midweek randoms


Let's see, there's been a lot on the brain this week. The kids were out of school for election day and we've had lots of miscellaneous stuff to get done.  No complaints because I hate being bored but a warning this post may be all over the place!

I made a silent pact with myself to try to limit  (limit, not eliminate because that would make no sense) alcoholic beverages during the week.  I admit that mommy loves a drink at the end of the day.  I also suggested to myself to slow down on shopping.  It's a terrible mistake to plant these rules in my head because all I can think about is shopping and drinking.

On that note, I found some really cute weekend clothes for Mr. C at ON.  I feel so selfless shopping for someone else.  And the Mr. deserves some hip clothes too:)

I also treated myself to this tunic because they only had one in my size left (you know how that goes). FYI It's so much cuter in person.

I found the most perfect boots (aka, the right color, the right fit, the right price) at TJ Maxx.  I had no choice but to buy them since my 3 year old equestrians got a hole in the zipper this week!

Aren't these cute too? I never wore flats until I became a mom (and twisted my ankle on my welcome mat while holding a baby, things change!)

I also had to get the boys real coats.  Tennessee winters are chilly (although nothing like the old Pennsylvania winters from our early marriage days).  Mr. C has always remarked that the fancy coats I get the boys don't really keep them warm and dry, they just look cute, and he had a point.  So I found these at L.L.Bean and I'm really happy with them.  They are ski worthy, waterproof, warm but not too bulky, and a classic navy.  I considered Boden's version but they are only shower proof, not fully water resistant.  I still always match the boys and will do so until they leave for college but this meant that I had to order my 5 year old a size that is technically smaller than what I wanted to order.  But...LLB has an extra seam (called a growth cuff, very cool!) you can rip out to add an inch and a half to sleeve length, and that makes all the difference. The coat actually fits him perfectly.

{find here}
In other good news, it was wonderfully overcast on Monday and I threw the boys in the truck and headed to my favorite photo shoot park in hopes of capturing the Christmas card picture.  I don't know if this is the one but if I don't get any more chances, it'll surely do!  SUCH a relief to get the picture done!  Mr. C was grateful, photo shoots are stressful!

Have y'all tried brownie brittle?  It's quite yummy with cold milk (or coffee with Bailey's:)

Until tomorrow friends, I'm hoping to do a post of my living room before and after, stay tuned:)


  1. I need you to come and take shots of my kids, that pic is darling!! I love your boots and I am obsessed with your flats!!

  2. Love your boots!! Great find! I love TJ Maxx and especially when you walk in and find something wonderful. I also just love what you bought for the Mr. & the boys coats are perfect. You could put a cute flannel shirt under them for when it isn't cold enough to zip all of the way up :) Those flats are also great, jotting those down! You know how much I just love that picture of the boys, so perfect with their expressions! Finally, I LOVE the brownie brittle!! I just found it at Costco but we got the chocolate chip kind. It is so addicting!!

    Oh! good luck with the shopping & only having vino on the weekends. Maybe we need to set up a team effort :)

  3. Love the boots. I never find anything that worthy at TJ Maxx. {Yes, I'm pouting over here!} Molly had a LLB coat last year and I loved it. Totally forgot about that as we are scouring the entire Charlotte area looking for a coat both she and I like. It's hard having an opinionated three year old. I hope this boy will let me have a little more say-so ;)

  4. Can I say I am so in love with your boots!!!!!!! I have been looking for some just like them. They are sooo cute!!!!! Love a good pair of boots! Love the vest as well!

    I may be doing a 10 mile race this weekend in Goodlettsville, are you doing any races right now with your knee acting up and all?

  5. I love all your shopping finds! Your boots look just like the ones I'm wearing today. The picture of the boys is just so precious....as usual!

  6. Love those boots! So perfect indeed! Since I don't have kids, I wouldn't have known about the growth cuff but my goodness, that is genius! I adore LLB, such a great company. The pic of your boys is adorable...glad the photoshoot went well. Hope you have a great Wednesday! :)

  7. Oh gosh, that picture is absolutely adorable! So perfect for the Holiday Christmas card!! :)
    xo TJ

  8. Brownie Brittle??? Oh my, that sounds amazing. Loving the pic of the boys and those boots are AMAZING!

  9. Brownie brittle? have I dies and gone to Heaven?? YUMMO! And I just posted today about putting a halt to my shopping, but nowhere did I say I was not drinking. :) Love the new boots...super sassy! :)

  10. those boots look so much like the Sam Edelman Penny Boots I just purchased....great photo...and yummy brittle. I CANNOT shop for my husband so major props to you!

  11. Ohhhh brownie brittle! :) Really love your blog! Now following you too :)


  12. So I really love those boots and I'm in need of a new pair myself. I may need to go check out T.J. Maxx today! Thanks for stopping by my post on Navy and Green. My tights are old, but I've seen those exact ones at Target and Forever 21. Good luck:)

  13. Seriously we could be best friends. Every Sunday I announced to Kev that I am not going to drink or shop ALL week. Then I make it til like Wednesday and go to Old Navy and then have a glass of wine. haha O well, life is short ;) THe christmas card pic is adorable!

  14. Love your new blouse & boots - so so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray