Random Wednesday


I'm excited to link up with my blog friend Shanna for some random goodness:)  Here's a little dash of life lately!

I finally downloaded some of my half marathon photos! Ah, the memories.
Exhibit A: feeling good

Exhibit B:  This was right at the finish line.  I know I look pitiful (you can laugh, my husband did) but I still love this picture because I remember exactly how I felt in that moment.  I was hurting pretty badly and thankful to still be on two feet.  I could see the finish line and I pushed myself so hard to run across it.  My goal is to run my next half with no pain, to finish strong and smiling, and with a killer time.  I simply cannot wait!

Speaking of runners, I'm obsessed with what type of running gear people select.  I mentioned I love my GapFit pants like I love chocolate.  I saw this pic of Stacy Keibler sporting Gap's workout line.  She's so fabulous.  I love it more now.
Via Skinny Runner
Also very interested in running shoe choices.  I do believe Reese is sporting New Balance.  I still want to try Brooks.

Via Skinny Runner
How cute is a hot pink flannel from Tar-jay?

Ina's new cookbook Foolproof is at Costco right now for $19.   Go get one, it's awesome!

Does anyone remember Herself the Elf?  I loved her so much when I was little and found this recently in an old book.  It made me smile!

This was on my stairs last night and nearly caused me to go into cardiac arrest.  It's "I" week at school and apparently they were studying insects.  One found his way to my house.

I love Zac Brown's new song "Goodbye in her Eyes".  I listen to slow music sometimes when I run (in addition to Flo Rida;) and his instrumentals are so soothing.  And I love his voice.  He's joining Kenny Chesney for a few concert dates next year, I'd love to see it (no Nashville dates though, boo!) But he will be in Atlanta, fyi ATL friends:)

Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is next week?  Happy Hump Day!


  1. I run in Brooks and I swear by them...all other shoes kill me. I love the pic of you finishing the race, currently trying to convince myself to sign up for a half so that pic is good inspiration!

    new follower here! found you through the linkup. :)

  2. Your running pictures put a smile on my face! You worked so hard to finish and run over that finish line!! Great job friend!! I love the pink flannel!! Might need to follow your lead on that one! That bug almost made me scream just seeing it on the screen!! Love Zac Btown! Crossing my fingers there's a concert close to me! Have a great day friend!!!

  3. I love that picture of you crossing the finish line, i think it is beautiful!!

  4. I love love that first picture of you running! It's great! I wear Gap, ON, and Target workout clothes and they hold up well. I'm so obsessed with my Gap jacket. I'm wearing it now and would every day, ha! I just got my first pair of Brooks. I'm also wearing those now, geez, what a bum. I haven't run in them yet but I think they're going to be winners!

  5. I can so relate to the finishline photo!!!! I know the pain you were feeling!!! Nothing like that last 1/2 to 1 mile left and all you want to do is see the finishline!!!!
    I am so obssessed with workout gear too!!! I want to buy a new outfit before every race, reality tells me and my wallet tells me I can't!!! I love finding good deals at TJ Maxx!

  6. Love your random posts! My mom loves her Brooks...you should give them a try! Great target find! I really need to start shopping there more. I might just have to pick up that cookbook. Not a huge country music fan but that would be a great way to get you and Andrea here! :)

  7. You look fab running... outfit and faces! I think I always cry at the finish. Something about just finishing. Makes for some great photos, haha!

  8. I adore Ina. I've made a lot of her recipes and they always come out beautifully!

    I need a flannel shirt, and I'm heading to Target tomorrow since I forgot a scarf there last night. That might be in the cards for me!

    Stopping over from Shanna's link up.

  9. That flannel shirt is so adorable & I also love Ina!! New follower from Shanna's link up :)


  10. That 2nd picture of you needs to be blown up and framed. That is some determination and willpower!! And I saw that top at Target but had to refrain...I swear that store is gonna cause me a divorce! Kidding!!! And anything and everything form Zac is on my iPod....love them...you have to see them in concert if they ever come close by....they were AH-mazing!!! Thanks for linking up!! xoxo

  11. I just saw that first pic of you in the marathon at first...and I was like - not fair! You look so cute running the marathon! The 2nd pic is pretty priceless, and you still look cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. I found you via the linkup and I am so glad I did! You rocked the randomness and your adorable, following!

  13. What a great pic of you running, such inspiration!!

    I have seen that cookbook a lot lately and I think it needs to be added to my Christmas list! Have you made anything from it yet?

  14. I have that shirt from target! In a different color, but it is seriously the most comfortable thing ever!

  15. Awesome pic of you mid-run! Congrats! And no I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!