Datenight Highlights and Some Other Stuff


CJ and I went on a date Saturday night.  It was great! This is not a common thing for us you see.  We are just now starting to venture out into the world of grown-ups again.  We have found a babysitter we love and so we are starting to feel more comfortable going out.  I know we are major weirdos -- it just took us a little while longer (than normal folks) to muster up the courage to leave the boys.
So for date night! We went to a phenomenal restaurant on Main Street in Franklin. My neighbor had briefed me on things I must order, one of which was a particular drink that she remembered had the word “pink” in the name and was wonderful.  When I checked out the menu I realize it must be the Pink Cougar, so I ordered one up! It was the yummiest drink I’ve ever had and so I ordered a second, ha!! What the hay! Dinner was so yummy and we think Tennessee is surely the most charming place on earth.  There’s an old movie theater on Main Street and it just so happened that they reopened it that night.  It’s one of the classic old theaters with bright red and yellow lights on the marquee.  The waiter told us it’s the first time it has been lit since the ‘30s. Neato!  There’s always a neat story around here.  The boys had a fun night with the babysitter and it just a great night all around.
Other happenings:
1.  Took the boys to “snip its” for haircuts.  It’s the first time I’ve ever taken them to get haircuts, isn’t that hysterical? Up until now I’ve been chopping their hair myself but my skills seem to get worse instead of better.  So “snip its” cleaned them right up. They are too cute.
2.  We ate at Five Guys for lunch Saturday. Turns out this guy was also in the mood for a burger.

Gary Levox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts. Hello!!!  Huge fan.  I didn’t believe it was him at first.   I love me some country music peeps!

3.  The boys rode the Gator and we all played soccer and enjoyed some great weather, finally! These boys are at such fun ages right now and we are having a blast with them:)


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