Weekend Recap


Friday started off as one of those days. We planned to meet our pals at Krispy Kreme, but my truck wouldn't start! It was frustrating because I don't like breaking promises to my boys. Look at these faces, they were so disappointed! Luckily "old blue" just needed a new battery.

Gam-ma and Gam-pa arrived on Saturday.  We picked them up and headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame. What fun! The boys were a little less than impressed with one exception -- the cars! Elvis's old Cadillac was pretty cool looking and these boys LOVED it.  Aside from that, we kind of had to race through there pretty quickly.  My husband says, "If you've seen one sparkly suit, you've seen 'em all". HA! But for me it is a trip down memory lane. I remember listening to 8-tracks of Dolly Parton in my parents old van and my mom's old Ernest Tubb records that she played at Thanksgiving when she was cooking, great memories let me tell you!

Saturday afternoon the boys took their Gator for a spin. Sunday we headed off to Puckett's for breakfast, and then just relaxed for a while. Hope everyone else had a great weekend:)


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