Great Playdate


Today our sweet little friend Evie came to visit. This always makes for an exciting day for us.  The boys had fun chasing her around and giggling and it is just hysterical to watch!  Evie was sweet enough to share her fig newton with CD, and he was more than happy to take a bite!! I love this picture:)

This was definitely the highlight of our day.  When our friends had to leave the boys were already asking when they can come back. CJ likes to say that Evie is a "sweet grill", so funny, he calls girls grills. I love to hear him say it!  These boys make me laugh. CD took a great nap (halleluja:) and CJ and I played Angry Birds and colored. We tried to run a few errands this afternoon but frankly, it is just too cold to lug a stroller and 2 toddlers in and out of the truck!  We are so glad its almost the weekend:) When will this cold weather go away??


  1. I just stole the picture! So cute. We had so much fun. See you tomorrow.