The Story of C's


Well here’s a little story about the name of this blog (since I can't think of anything else to write about and I’m dying to blog!). CJ and I got married in New York at a beautiful yacht club. He grew up near the water and loved to sail.  A very good friend of his gave us a burgee (the sailing club flag) as a wedding gift.  It was framed with the inscription “Fair winds and following seas”.  It’s a nautical blessing that wishes good luck when departing on a journey. I thought it was such a neat and thoughtful present!
Fast forward a few short years and two little boys later.  After naming our first little guy after his Daddy we realized baby boy #2 needed a “C” name too. We couldn’t leave him out, that might be cause for therapy in later years.  So we are a family of “C’s”, sweet right? And then my little blog was born, hence "Following C’s".  Have a great Thursday! 


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