Great start to the week!


This morning we awakened to major snow! It's beautiful. Little CJ came down the hall and said "Look, it snowed out!" We got CD up and came downstairs for breakfast. I opened the blinds for the kids to see the snow and CJ said "Look! The bushes look like ice cream!" I love the things these little guys say.  They are filled with wonder and everything is exciting. My neighbor called and invited us over for a playdate. We suited up and headed across the street to play with Evie. At our house, Evie ranks right up there with ice cream and chocolate! The boys love to chatter on and on about Evie. We had a great time playing, I sipped some peppermint coffee and had a cinnamon bun, chatted with my friend, and had a great start to the week!
   Later when we got home and the boys were restless, we discovered the pure entertainment value of a laundry basket. It kept them entertained till Daddy got home early. Yay!


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