Funny Things


Today we stayed home and stayed warm. Baked some banana bread, played ring around the rosey, worked a few puzzles, etc.  Tough day at the office:) There were a few trying times.. CJ lost his favorite tractor and that was devastating, CD always wants whatever his brother has, that upsets CJ, oh boy, and so on... But at the end of the day, it is so sweet when CD says "I want CJ". He loves his big brother!
  Funny tidbit about CD right now:  He constantly tells me what he wants and when he ends a sentence with "Mom" it comes out "Om".  "I want juice Om, I want cacka Om (cracker), I want sanch Om(sandwich). He's so funny and he won't take no for an answer and if he wants something he wants it 5 minutes ago!
 And CJ has learned how to use the iPad! He loves to draw. Today he even played Angry Birds! I'm not sure how I feel about that, but oh well! These boys learn so fast!

Forgive me, I had not yet brushed their hair!


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