Little Drummer Boy


It's been a good week. We’ve kinda been laying low and not doing much. Working on some house projects, started painting cabinets, did some cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  I actually cooked dinner every night this week! Hooray, that hasn’t happened in years. 
So today I headed to Home Goods to look for lamps and promised my CJ bear that I would buy him a drum. He’s been talking about drums lately and this was my bribe for good behavior.  We had time to either search for a drum or go to Monkey Joe's and he chose the drum!  There were no drums to be found at Home Goods today of course. Normally there are a million junky drums in the toy section!
SO, we headed to Target and found a great little drum. It came with a harmonica (a favorite for CD), a whistle, and a tambourine.  Awesome!  These guys are so funny playing with these instruments.  My husband thinks I’m crazy for buying noisy things and I may possibly regret this but I doubt it, ha! I will make that drum mysteriously disappear when I’m not feeling up to the noise;)
Have I mentioned my little ones share my love of this guy?  

CJ sat in the floor and played his new drum to Keith Urban!  And oh, you should see them dance, so CUTE!!! They both like the song "I Wanna Put You in a Song". Ha!!
Happy Friday:)


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