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To have nothing to do we sure have been busy! We’ve done some projects this week – first, recovered my kitchen chair cushions, they were nasty, ew, with caked mac and cheese, milk, goo, etc.  Now they are fresh and clean and lovely. See pics below.
Painted the guest room AND bathroom. Yes, I did it. Completed. Hallelujah. Its not perfect but its WAY better. Unfortunately I fell off my ladder (please feel sorry for me;) and broke one of the bedside lamps. Now I need 2 new ones. Does it ever end?? (And I'm okay, by the way:)
We have wonderful built-in bookcases and cabinets in our family room (super storage).  They are SO dark though, but they are made of nice wood and we hate to paint them. So.. I covered the backs of the bookshelves with a light colored fabric.  Not a major change, but a little fresher. I'm still toying with the idea of painting them, but we also need to paint our kitchen cabinets, so these are now on the backburner.
I have read 2 books this month. This is a major thing for me.  I’m trying to read more and be all scholarly, ha, is that even a word? Anyhoo, I haven’t read enough in my grown up life so I’ve decided to tackle a bunch of books this year.  I read Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I’m a fan of his. I like that his books are easy reads, are set in North Carolina (a place I love and where I met hubby), and when I finish them I feel happy and okay with the world.  Safe Haven had some cheesy moments (where people fall in love in 5 minutes and although I know its possible I have to roll my eyes sometimes because I’m picturing Fabio with his hair blowing in the wind on the cover of those old romance novels, okay I’ll stop).. but I thought it was a really good book overall and I enjoyed it. 
I also finished Little Bee.  This was a more difficult read for me, probably not a book I would typically choose, which is why I stuck with it and finished it.  Really, once I got passed the first 3 chapters I was hooked and had to know the rest of the story. It’s a book definitely worth reading, some spotty language that I didn’t care for, but it provoked thought and made me appreciate what I have all the more.
My 2nd child is a slavedriver. He is ALWAYS begging for another drink because he CONSTANTLY loses his cup. So we end up going on treasure hunts for his cup all day because if I don’t find it then it will grow fuzz on the inside and then he’ll find it and drink fuzz! Yucky! 
My children are there. There at that point where they are actually playing together but constantly screaming, “He touched me!” --“He took my tractor!”—“He touched my crayons!”   Share little ones, share, please! Sometimes they do, like right now, they are playing so well together and it is so precious and wonderful to see them chase each other and laugh hysterically. But a lot of times, we struggle with this sharing thing. Oh well, we’ll get there, right? I do have to say it is trying at times but so fun to have 2 little boys, I never imagined I’d have 2 little boys! Sometimes I think they are so cute I can’t believe they’re mine!
Well, its the start of the weekend, wooohoooo! Hope y'all have a great one:)

Yucky chair

New chair

bookcase before


and my beautiful children:)


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