The beach is THAT way


We were trying to get the boys to show us their muscles and say "The beach is that way"..they will love me for this someday..

Our week is flying by.  We've fallen into a little beachy (I wake early and drink mine in peace:), breakfast, beach (lunch on the beach), then out to dinner. I could get used to this. We've been spending some time down at Seaside in the evenings. There are some great restaurants, some great shops (to husband's dismay, why do men hate shopping??), and it's a darling little place. The Truman Show was filmed there which makes me love it more since that's a favorite movie of mine.

We've eaten so far at Great Southern Cafe (which lived up to its name with fried okra sticks and shrimp and grits that were out of this world), Pickles, home of delicious grass fed beef burgers, cold beer, and of course fried pickle spears (which Little C actually liked!) and an ice cream joint called Heavenly that lived up to its name.  Christian is like mommy and got tried and true chocolate while Campbell is more adventurous and went for strawberry cheesecake.

Downtown Seaside

The Truman House!! I thoroughly embarrassed my husband by standing here and taking 6 million pictures. Okay I have to say it: "Good morning! Oh and in case I don't see ya good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"  ;)
 I love that the houses are named and have the family names on them too...Truman's is special of course..these houses aren't cheap, they go for a mil..

When Christian is on the beach his feet rarely touch the sand..he's like a little bird jumping and fluttering around.


  1. Looks like fun! We miss you. It is amazing how quickly that we fall into a routine. I will miss drinks on the deck, deer sightings and watching Evie frolic on the beach.

  2. What a beautiful place! Do you read Clover Lane? I think they vacation there also. It sounds like lots of fun. And I love your green earrings. I'm tempted to do a show to get a few more pieces.

  3. LOVE the Truman Show! Looks like a wonderful vacation! You have such a beautiful family! :)